5 Keys to Making 50 the New 30

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If you understand how the body ages and what physical changes will occur with age, it becomes very apparent that following a traditional strength training approach is not going to help address most of these age-driven changes. Learn what will and how to implement it today.


Best Bands for Females

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One of the best things about choosing the best bands for females is that it typically boils down to getting only 2 different band resistance levels. Learn more about choosing the right band for you today.

RBT Band Training

Home Gym Workout Plan

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Looking for a home gym workout plan that will allow you to get stronger, more flexible, lose fat or improve athleticism but won’t result in remodeling your home?? We have a proven solution.

Why Train with Bands??

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Free weight resistance tools like sandbags, DBs, barbells and kettlebells all create the same neuro-muscular response on the body. Learn why bands are different and are needed to create a body that looks, feels and moves great.