Resistance Band Versatility

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Assisted Pull up

Resistance Band Versatility is Unmatched

Before I begin, let’s make something perfectly clear…

When I refer to resistance bands I am talking about Flat Continuously Looped “Layered” Bands.

  • Tubes
  • Molded flat bands
  • Bungee cords
  • Braided elastic tubes

I also realize body weight training is very popular and is probably the most convenient training tool on the planet but it is still gravity dependent and can get a little boring after a few workouts. Plus, not everyone can do push ups, pull ups or squats and it’s difficult to simulate pulling movements with body weight only training. As a result, body weight training versatility is limited.

Resistance band training, which is as convenient as body weight training, could actually be #1 when you consider its versatility as it relates to training every aspect of fitness and performance—except absolute strength training which probably still requires lifting some free weights.

50 Reasons Why Resistance Band Versatility is #1

Situation #1

14 elements of a fitness or performance training program that RBT can easily impact with 1 or 2 bands anywhere and at any intensity—this is definitely not the case with any free weight tool.

  1. Metabolic training for fat loss
  2. Speed and agility training
  3. Muscle definition and development
  4. Flexibility training
  5. Post workout recovery
  6. Small space cardiovascular training
  7. Power development
  8. Multi-plane strength training
  9. Sport-specific strength training
  10. Multi-force vector strength training
  11. Core strength training
  12. Assisted body weight training
  13. Free weight contrast training
  14. Reactive stabilization training

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Situation #2

Bands can and are being used in all of these training environments, organizations or facilities. This is not the case when it comes to free weight tools.

  1. Fitness centers
  2. Large group fitness camps
  3. High school, college and professional weight rooms
  4. Home gyms
  5. Rehabilitation clinics
  6. Garage gyms
  7. Hotel fitness centers
  8. Middle school and high school physical education classes
  9. Senior centers
  10. Power lifting gyms and training facilities
  11. Olympic training centers
  12. Martial arts studios and training facilities

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Situation #3

No other tool can create an ascending resistance that, in turn, allows individuals to:

  1. Train accelerated eccentrics
  2. Speed up momentum forces
  3. Decrease the effects of gravity by assisting the movement
  4. Decrease ground reaction forces
  5. Train accelerated concentrics
  6. Allow resistance to be adjusted while performing an exercise

These 6 facts are why any population can train with RBT.

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Situation #4

No other training tool allows ANYONE to:

  1. Train anywhere
  2. Train at any intensity
  3. Train any exercise or functional movement
  4. Transport an Unlimited Resistance in a small travel training bag
  5. Set up a home gym for less than $50
  6. Take their home gym where ever they wish to work out that day
  7. Alter their training routine instantly if needed

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Situation #5

No other training tool allows coaches or trainers the ability to:

  1. Expand their training facilities without doing any additional construction
  2. Strength train their athletes on the field using horizontal and vertical force vectors
  3. Perform resisted first step speed training anywhere
  4. Simulate all strength movements (including pulling) with unlimited resistance and no additional tools
  5. Train reactive strength along with traditional absolute strength
  6. Make all free weight exercises harder without adding additional weight
  7. Improve jumping power with no additional cost
  8. Rehabilitate injuries in their training facility with no additional equipment
  9. Train against accelerated momentum to decrease the #1 cause of injuries which is lack of deceleration strength and response time
  10. Modify any exercise to adapt to individual dysfunction or weakness
  11. Set up in minutes to strength or speed train their entire camp or team anywhere
  12. Strength train a team or individual on the road


Now I know that those of you who train with FREE weights, kettlebells, sandbags, dumbbells, suspension training systems, body weight and various other portable training tools can debate and argue that your training tool preference can do some of these specific training elements better and, yes, all training tools get results.

However, I have yet to come across a training tool that can do all 50 of these and get great results except flat continuously looped resistance bands.

For you that have followed RBTLive, you know I am opened minded to different training tools and have admitted to using other training tools over the years. Therefore, it’s not about what tool achieves a specific goal or aspect of fitness or performs better.

It’s about what tool is the “most versatile” at training all aspects of fitness and performance while getting strong results. My vote is for Resistance Band Training. I hope you will let me know YOUR’s…

What Do You Think About Resistance Band Versatility??

Do YOU feel there is a better tool that is more versatile??

I would truly enjoy hearing how you feel about resistance band versatility when it comes to both fitness and performance training. Please take a minute and let me know your thoughts.