We're not a fitness band...

We're your fitness solution!

Discover your unique fitness solution with RBT! Get the education, training, workouts and equipment to improve flexibility, core stability, movement coordination and real world strength Anywhere, Anytime, Anyway.

Bottomline… We’re here to help make sure YOU Look, Feel, and Move YOUR Best Training with Bands the Right Way.



Let Dave teach you his Top 16 One Band Exercises that will allow you to learn the basic exercises and start creating 100's of Total Body Workouts you can do Whenever and Wherever You Want.

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We don't just sell you a band

We change lives with bands

Ageless Exercise Solution

What Resistance Band Training can do that lifting weights can't to keep your Body Younger.

Never Miss a Workout

Learn the secret to creating convenient workouts when "Time and Space is Limited".

Attention Coaches and Trainers

Discover 8 ways to apply RBT into your performance programs to build Fast-Fit & Flexible athletes.

  • Yours (Bands) have been issue free and strong as hell.

    Thanks Dave! Been loving your bands and it’s easy to see the difference in quality. I have some similar other brands that start shredding up pretty quickly when I attached them together. Yours have been issue free and strong as hell.

    Brian King - Camp Gladiator Trainer

  • I train only with bands three to four times a week for thirty to forty minutes..... My Chiropractor confirmed that my back is in excellent condition

    I trained with Kettlebells for several years and enjoyed short, intense routines. However, when I passed seventy-five, I had the same concerns as when I trained with weights. Training with kettlebells, I discovered Dave Schmitz and Getting Better With Bands; a God Send. Bands gradually replaced Kettlebells. I’ve not trained with Kettlebells this past year.

    Jim Sieyes - RBT Fitness Enthusiasts

  • My disease is progressing but the band’s give me confidence.

    You’re the best! Band workouts came at just the right time. My disease is progressing but the band’s give me confidence. I don’t have to fear throwing/dropping weights and the band’s move with me without the pull of gravity. Totally enjoying it! You need to market this to the handicapped.

    Myrna S - RBT Enthusiasts and MS Activist


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