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Band Finisher Workouts - 4 Ways to Add Into Workout

Finishers do not have to be viewed as high intensity workouts performed at the end of a workout with the only benefit being increased calorie expenditure. Finisher workouts can accomplish much more especially when standard free weight resistance is substituted with an ascending band resistance.
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Contrast Strength Training

Contrast Strength Training

Gravity is only 1 of 3 forces the body has to deal with each and everyday to remain functionally strong. Learn how to use contrast training to impact the two most important forces, besides gravity, that our body has to deal with everyday and why lifting gravity dominated free weights alone will not impact these two key forces.
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Complex Strength Training with Bands

Strength training using complex movements is an efficient way to train, but what do you do when you can’t use free weights to do these types of movements? Learn why RBT could be another option to strength training with complex movements.
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Punch - performance abs

4 Steps to Build High Performance Abs

If all you are doing is sit-ups and crunches to develop your abs, then you are spending your time teaching and training your abs to do something completely opposite of what they were wired to do. Stop wasting your time. Learn how to build high performance abs.
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