Building a Home Band Gym – Why and How

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Old Home Gym

Building a Home Band Gym allows you to train for fitness and performance Anytime, Anywhere while eliminating the hassles and health concerns that come with having to rely on a local gym membership.   

We all understand the importance of keeping our body strong and metabolic fit by following a weekly exercise routine.  However for many joining a local gym is not an option.  As a result, having a home gym of some type is a more favorable exercise option.  Fortunately building a Home Band Gym is something anyone can do regardless their home living situation.

Why You Should Start with Bands When Building Your Home Gym

My first home gym was a squat rack, some machines and a bunch dumbbells. It emphasized heavy equipment, minimal floor space and focused on muscle not movement.  It’s no wonder I was stiff and inflexible.  In 2005, at age 42, I decided Movement Not Muscle was how I wanted to train.  Don’t get me wrong, I wanted to stay strong and maintain as much muscle mass as I could but it became increasing more clear to me that if I was going to enjoy life to fullest, moving well with no joint pain and stiffness had to become priority #1.  So I rebuilt my Home Gym into a Home Band Gym with the emphasis on getting mobile, functionally strong, metabolic fit and keeping my joints feeling good.

Old Home Gym

Why Build Your Home Gym Around RBT

RBT adapts to any age.  Bands are by far the most joint friendly strength training tool which makes it perfect for seniors as well as all of those 40+ individuals that struggle with shoulder, knee, hip and lower back pain.  Plus with a single band  providing 40 lbs or more of variable resistance per band, it makes resistance band training the most adaptable home strength training system available.

Consistency is the key to getting results with your exercise program.  You never have to miss a workout because your gym is literally a few steps away.  The time you save not having to travel to a gym can now be put towards other important things in life.


You can train any aspect of fitness. Except for pushing the heavy weight which our body doesn’t necessary appreciate as we reach 40+, you can train every aspect of fitness in your home band gym including strength, flexibility, core stability and cardio endurance. You will find as you age, it’s not about the weight as much as it is about keeping your body mobile and cardiovascular fit. Fortunately bands are extremely joint friendly and can be used to create easy interval circuits that hit both strength and cardio.


You do not have to remodel or reconstruct your home.   Bands are extreme portable and can adapt to any home environment.   All you need is floor space, a slip free floor surface like carpet and a ceiling height that allows you to reach your arms over your head. Plus without all those heavy dumbbells, kettlebells and free weights laying around, your home band gym space can serve multiple purposes besides just being your exercise room.


A home band gym is inexpensive yet extremely versatile to get started.    Quantum Bands range in price from $8 per band on up to $50 per band.  Accessories range in price between $4 and $16.  This allows you to set up your home band gym initially for well under $50 if you choose to.  Than as your budget allows, you can easily add to your band gym with additional bands, accessories or complimentary training tools.


Keeping a Band Gym Clean is easy.   Let’s face it, local gyms are busy and often crowded places where people are sweating.   It is a constant challenge for gym owners to keep their gym clean and sanitary for their members.  With a home band gym, you control who comes into your gym and the cleanliness.  Fortunate a simple soap and water solution clean bands.  Plus with minimal equipment, there is minimal cleaning needed.



Dave – 

I just wanted to shoot you a quick note to say “Thank you!”   In the midst of the chaos and quickly evolving situation with Coronavirus, many of my friends are stressing because they are scared to go to their local gyms to workout.  This fear has not once entered my mind because of RBT. You have prepared me and so many others for being able to workout wherever we are. I won’t miss a workout due to not being able to go somewhere.  This situation has also allowed the opportunity for me to share about you & RBT without falling on deaf ears or being dismissed as a fantastic workout option. 

Thank you, Dave, for leading the charge!!

See you in the Band Gym, quarantined or not!

Beth M – Proud Band Gym Member



No concern for damaging walls or floors. Weights, kettlebells and dumbbells leave a mark on carpet or wall.  Constantly having to move them around is both a hassle and usually ends up damaging carpet or walls.  Bands don’t.   Therefore you don’t have to own your home to have a Band Gym in your home.


Bands make all other exercise tools, including free weights, more versatile.  Once you get your band gym setup and going,  you will quickly discover how bands make other training tools better.   For instance if you have a few DB’s laying around,  combining bands with light weight dumbbells creates an entirely new dimension to your home gym.


Body weight exercises become a lot more fun and doable. Adding band resistance to simple body weight push-ups, pull-ups, squats, lunges, and planks can done quickly.  However band assistance can also be applied to make these same exercises a “doable” exercise that you can now successfully perform with good quality.

Bands train athletic performance as well as fitness.   With the explosion of competitive recreation adult events like various runs, tough mudders, spartan races and year-round recreational challenges, it is important to many individuals to have a home gym that allows them to train performance not just fitness.   Fortunately a bands variable resistance and non-gravity dependence, allows the aging athlete to train power, speed and 3 dimensional functional strength.  Plus many of these same aging adult athletes have athletic children who want to improve speed, power and explosiveness.



2 Questions to ask Yourself when Choosing Bands for Your Home Band Gym


Education is the Key to Home Band Training Success 

“The better the training resources the more versatile the training tool.”

Make sure that before you purchase bands, you check to see what training  and teaching resources come with purchase.  This will be very important, especially if you are new to band training.    For example, at all new customers are provide login credentials to their own private RBT Customer Portal.   This portal provides them with unlimited training, teaching and workout resources that is continually updated to ensure information is the most current.







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