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  1. How to keep your shoulders strong and INJURY FREE – What a physical therapist or doctor won’t tell you

  2. How to not let traveling mess up your workout routine by providing you with a complete travel gym solution (Including 6 – 12 Minute Anywhere Workouts)

  3. 7 Things your butt workout better include to keep your low back healthy

  4. Resistance band training for seniors – How to get started

  5. 12 simple strength exercises to improve walking and running efficiency at any age

  6. How you can quickly design your own band workouts in a minute

  7. 10 Secrets to keeping your body looking and feeling athletic at any age

  8. How to develop 3-D muscle definition that keeps you looking and moving great

  9. How to eliminate breaking bands while keeping them performing great for years

  10. Why band training doesn’t make you sore like weights do

  11. Best 12 band exercises to start with first

  12. What bands do that weights can’t to keep your body pliable and moving great

  13. Why band training is perfect for the active aging population

  14. How to make 50 the new 30

  15. Best 6 pack exercises for high performance abs that don’t include doing crunches and sit-ups

  16. How to simplify your workouts so all you have to do is focus on working out

  17. How bands training eliminates going to the local gym forever

  18. 6 Ways to shed fat fast at 50

  19. 6 Populations of people that love RBT and why

  20. Best band training for women

Get Access to Dave’s 20 Training Sessions

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