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    If you are looking for information about training with bands and the RBT Method you are in the right place. We send out information through our social media channels, please follow Dave/RBT on the platforms of your choice, email newsletter, Instagram, YouTube our Facebook page or our Facebook group.

    If you have a direct question, I read and respond to all my own emails… No assistant and no automated message.

    I answer your email the same way I would like my emails to be answered… ASAP!! I generally respond to emails within 24 hours or less Monday through Friday. If it’s a weekend, I check emails first thing Monday Morning.

    If you have a question about RBT… I have an answer. If you want to let me know how you’re doing with RBT or how I can make things better for you, I am definitely up for hearing about that as well.

    Let me know…

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