Building Rotational Power with Pushing

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Rotational Power Training Does Not Have to Be Movement Specific

Training rotational power is much more about muscle recruitment and timing versus muscle force production.

As a result you don’t just have to swing a golf club to train rotational power in your golf swing.

You don’t have to just swing a bat to increase hitting power.

By training high velocity movements, like what is being perform in today’s power push workout, you are in turn training the body to generate rotational force quickly.  As a result it will transfer into any rotational movement like a golf swing.

The key is being able to accelerate force which means being able to change rep speed.  This is only possible by training with a tool the provides a variable resistance which resistance band do.

By applying a resistance band to any rotational movement, you now allow rep speed to be accelerated.  This accelerated training is what is needed to increase rotational power.


Today’s Rotational Power Push Workout is just one of many ways you can use resistance bands to train rotational power to enhance your golf swing.   Golf Strength 360 provides you several ways you can train golf swing power using resistance bands.

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