4 Easy Contrast Band Training Setups

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For those not familiar with “Contrast Band Training” it involves combining the constant resistance of free weights with the variable resistance of bands.

Applying Contrast Band Training into your weekly strength training workouts allows you to:

  1. Make free weights harder without increasing the weight
  2. Make free weight training more joint friendly
  3. Change up rep speed which you can’t do training with free weights alone
  4. Create a stronger muscle contraction at the end of the lift
  5. Learn how to accelerate a weight which fits how we function in life
  6. Make weight lifting more power based without the risk of injury

Contrast band training was developed and is used frequently in the power lifting community but honestly it doesn’t have to involve some of the complex setups you will see used in this training population. I understand power-lifters want to quantify their resistance. However to me the key is the effect of contrast training versus quantifying the resistance.

As a result I like to keep contrast training simple while still getting the effect. Below are 4 Easy Contrast Training Setups I will frequently use in my weekly training.

When trying these make sure you start with a lower level of band resistance until you become more comfortable with the setup and the movement pattern.   

However once you have the exercises mastered, I think you will find contrast training to a great way to workout and more than challenging enough when band resistance scaled correctly.

Let’s Hit Some Contrast Training.

Bent Over Rows with Bands and Weights

Deadlifts with Bands and Weights

Chest Press with Bands and Weights

Split Squats with Bands and Weights


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