Never Miss a Workout – Learn the Secret to Creating Convenient Workouts When Time and Space are Limited

Resistance Bands are easily the most convenient, portable and versatile training tool available when it comes to building workouts that can train strength, core stability, cardio and flexibility Anywhere, Anytime.

5 Reasons Why RBT is the Most Versatile Exercise System Available and how it will help you stay on track with your exercise goals.

5 Steps to Creating Your Own Anywhere – Anytime RBT Workouts

It’s not that difficult to design your own band workouts. Following these 5 steps will make it a simple task that becomes easily repeatable after you do it once.

  • Step 1: Choose your band setup

    My suggestion is to go with an attachment free setup if you are new to RBT. By doing so all you have to do is focus on exercising and not worry about where you are going to attach your bands.  As a result, you can do the workout anywhere, anytime with unlimited resistance as long as you have a Single Band Package

  • Step 2: Choose your exercises

    Don’t go crazy trying to do a lot of complex exercises.  Start with learning 2 or 3 exercises that you can easily alternate through.  With each workout, you can learn 1 or 2 more exercises.  As you choose your exercises for the workout, make sure you do a push, a pull and some squatting in each workout. Here are my Top 16 – 1 Band Exercises  to get started with.

  • Step 3: Determine how long each work interval set will be

    Setting your work interval is where you are going to have to determine how much you want to challenge yourself. Don’t underestimate yourself here. Be aggressive with this. You can always slow down during a timed based set if needed. I like 30 seconds of work followed by 30 seconds of rest for the fact that it is long enough to make any band exercise challenging while still accommodating to any fitness level. Print Your 30-30 Template

  • Step 4: Determine your rest interval between sets

    30 Second Rest between sets is a good starting point but the key it to make sure you don’t increase the rest time between sets as fatigue increases. You will discover that sticking to a set rest interval between sets throughout the entire workout will ultimately be what  gets results.

  • Step 5: Determine the # of work sets per round and how many rounds

    How many work sets and rounds you perform will be dictated by how hard and how long you want to workout. If you are short on time I suggest making your workout a focused effort by choosing less exercises and performing more work sets with less rounds.

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Resistance Bands are presently used in all professional sports, in most college weight rooms, in 99% of all CrossFit Gyms, in 1000’s of adult fitness camps, in most fitness centers or gyms, in most physical therapy facilities and in home gyms throughout the world. No other exercise tool except resistance bands can make that statement.