The Quantum Band Difference


Quantum bands are manufactured to the highest quality standard using 100% latex (No pencil eraser filler). They are manufactured in layers using a “Latex Bonding” process similar to how a car tire is constructed. This continuous layering process substantially increases the strength, elasticity, and durability of the band by creating a matrix construction similar to a burlap bag but with the ability to remain pliable.  This matrix construction also  prevents the band from thinning out with repeated use. Something  that frequently occurs with tubular and flat continuously looped molded bands. Flat layered bands, like the Quantum Band, is approximately 20% more expensive to manufacture than a flat molded band which is why they are typically more expensive.  However when considering a Quantum Band is 400 times durable and has a training life expectancy of approximately 3 years, depending on use, it becomes well worth the cost.

Unfortunately, from a consumer’s standpoint it is difficult to determine what is considered a high quality resistance band.  There are several choices when it comes to elastic tools referred to as “resistance bands”.  However, the quality and characteristics of the different band types vary wildly. Refer to the chart below to see the difference.

The Quantum Band Difference


Progressive Ascending Variable Resistance


When you strength train with a free weight tool like a dumbbell – kettlebell – barbell or sandbag,  you’re training against a “Constant Resistance” that remains the same throughout the movement. With resistance bands, you’re training against an “Ascending Variable Resistance”  that progressively increases the further you stretch the band into the concentric ( or work) phase of an exercise. This is why all Quantum bands are listed as having a variable resistance range, instead of a set resistance. Please refer to our band chart to see the estimated resistances variance of each Quantum band.

As a fitness enthusiasts, especially those 40+, there are several advantages to strength training with an “Ascending Variable” Band Resistance as compared to training with a “Constant” Free Weight Resistance.    These are discussed further in the 2 Part Series “Resistance Band Training vs. Lifting Weights” which you can find links to below.

Resistance Band Training vs. Lifting Weights – Part I

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Quantum Quality Customer Guaranteed

I wish I could say a Quantum Band never breaks but since it is not an iron dumbbell or kettlebell, it is possible.    However since launching the Quantum Band in 2005,  99% of band breakage is a result of 3 scenarios.

1. Sharp edge attachment points that cut the band

2.Rpeated over stretching of the band during training which tethers the band and ultimately leads to a jagged tearing of the band.

3. Grinding the band against an abrasive surface like the floor when doing attachment free training.

All of these scenarios are easily avoidable with proper teaching and coaching which is the #1  mission of Resistance Band Training Systems. However, regardless how much we educate, training mistakes can happen and we realize this is part of the learning process.   That is why we have our Quantum Quality Customer Guarantee. If your band breaks for whatever reason, email us a picture of the broken band at This helps us identify why the band broke and that it is truly a Quantum Band. If it’s a first-time incident and the band has not surpassed our Standard 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty, we will replace the band along with providing you recommendations on how to prevent future breakages. 

I look forward to working with you in bringing the Quantum Band Difference into your workouts


Let’s Get Better With Bands

Dave Schmitz