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Here is summary of What You GET INSTANTLY

as a BAND GYM Club Member

1) Personal Coaching and Access to Dave 9 to 5 Monday through Friday

Dave’s virtual office provides you a quick way to access Dave.

2) Dave’s 4 Week Jump Start Program

A proven “Follow Along Workout Program” tried and tested by Dave at his local beginner band bootcamp.

3) 5 - 28 Day Programs that include:

  • 28 Day Strength Builder - that will build your band training base.
  • 28 Day  Core Chaos - for those that are tired of a stiff back and no results doing situps and crunches every workout.
  • 28 Day Game Day Ready - for those that want to bring out the athlete in themselves and regain their Game Day Body.
  • 28 Day Muscle Maximizer - for those skeptics that think resistance bands can’t build muscle definition.
  • 28 Day Super Hero Program - for those looking to move like Spiderman while getting joints and muscle feeling awesome.

4) 5 - Automated Total Body Workouts using Seconds Pro App

Put on your favorite music, push play and workout.

5) 10 - 4-G - 5 Minute Finisher Workouts

5 Minute Workouts that add just a little more challenge to the end of your workout.

6) 10 - Crunch 20 Follow Along Workouts

When time is tight and you need a quick workout, Crunch 20 has you covered.

7) Plus Instant access to Dave's private….

  • Band Gym Workout Library
  • 100 Video Exercise Vault
  • 30 + Article Resource Library

Only a Guy who has studied, trained and dedicated over 18 years of his career to getting 1000’s Better with Bands could provide you this unique fitness game changing opportunity.

Not sure The Band Gym is for you??


You are probably NOT a fit for The BAND GYM if you answer YES to any of these questions...

  • Love the hassles of driving to the local gym 4 to 5 times per week

  • Like seeing how much weight you can lift every week

  • Have to bench press, squat and deadlift weekly

  • Enjoy struggling with sore elbows, shoulders, knees, and low back after working out

  • Not interested in looking, feeling and moving athletically

  • Not interested in convenient, unlimited, anywhere workouts

  • Think training with bands is for wimps and those that want to Tone Up

  • Would rather not workout than workout with resistance bands

You’re probably a GREAT FIT for The Band Gym if...

  • You don’t want to feel obligated or rely on having to go to the local gym

  • You’re tired of hurting for several days following a weight lifting workout

  • You have stopped working out because you can’t lift the amount of weight you use to

  • You want to start training with bands but are unsure where to start

  • You’re tired of starting and stopping workout routines due to injury or pain

  • You're scared to lift weights but really want to get stronger and create better muscle definition in your arms, legs, back and shoulders

  • It hard following a workout routine do to a hectic work and travel schedule

  • Your bored with traditional free weight dominate lifting programs   

As a Band Gym Club Member...

It’s going to feel like you have access to your own personal coaching with unlimited workout options that you can do every week, anywhere, anytime to get your body looking, feeling and moving it’s BEST

What People are Saying...

As a 72 year old veteran home exerciser, I wanted you to know how impressed I am with RBT and The Band Gym. I like the versatility of the loop bands, your short instructional videos, well-balanced programs, and opportunities for personal coaching.

Thanks and keep up the good work.


Paul Baldino

Just wanted to let you know I've been using the band system to rehab a partial shoulder/bi tear from a year ago while trying to lift atlas stones (ridiculous),  I'm a 52 year old chiropractor and need my shoulders to be healthy,  I love how I have learned how to move and control my shoulder girdle using the bands, thanks again for all your hard work, if people would put in the time to learn to use the bands properly there’d be a lot more functional people in a lot less pain.


Todd Matheson

I’ve been training 100% band only for the past few months . Haven’t lost any muscle mass or overall strength. In fact I’ve gained some size on my arms and shoulders! I tried some traditional dumbbell work today during my chest/shoulders/triceps workout and during the workout I felt some irritation in both shoulders. Stopped that immediately and switched back to my band only workout. I really appreciate how aggressively I can get after it with bands and make progress without joint pain and actually REVERSE IT! I’m grateful I found RBT when I did so I can train into my 80’s and beyond.

Shawn McCoy

The BANDS are fantastic and so portable. BUT The BAND GYM is even better as I can now train with a directed purpose.  

However the BEST part of The BAND GYM is having access to DAVE and having him guide you through your training.  In the short time I've had the bands and especially the Dynamic Stabilizers the long standing issues I've had with my knees , hips, and glutes have diminished.

Bill Moloney

Thank you for the great products, the great videos, and the great system. I’m carrying more muscle than I ever had in my life and am wearing clothes from when I got married 20 years ago.


Bernie Hunt

I discovered resistance bands and with them I have seen more progress with less soreness and zero injuries than with any other systems.


Jeff Kelly

I’ve been following you for over 15 years and my personal training practice now revolves around using Bands  -thanks to your influence.


Being 58 years old I also have a lot of ortho problems and the bands allowed me to continue to work out and make adjustments so I can stay in the game myself.



Jim Hart


The fact that I can be a Dad again without pain (physically & without emotional embarrassment) by sharing simple things like throwing a football in the yard with my boy... I’m truly blessed, and beyond grateful.

Brian Z

Yes! Dave I want you to be my coach at $97 (ONLY $0.26/day) for the next 12 months knowing that in 30 Days if I am not completely blown away with the BAND GYM workouts, programs and coaching, I can ask for a full 100% return of my $97 payment