Stop trying to piece together your band training workouts using random, unproven, unsafe exercises from social media!

Instead Get Unlimited Access To a Time Tested Band Training  System Established in 2000 by an Orthopedic Physical Therapist and Fitness Professional who has become Arguably the World’s Leading Resistance Band Training Expert. 

“Who The Band Gym Was Created For”
From Your Coach - Dave Schmitz
Founder of and  Creator of The Band Gym

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Physical Therapy Tested Joint Friendly Workouts for 
Anybody, Anywhere, Anytime Are Waiting for You.


Getting stronger is only 1 way to create fitness success and longevity. Getting YOUR body to Feel and Move its best are the real keys to creating fitness longevity and slowing down Father Time while allowing you to continue doing the activities outside the gym that you love doing everyday.

The #1 key to getting fitness results is consistency.  Resistance Band Training is the most convenient way to ensure you never have to miss a workout and in turn GUARANTEE YOU get results fast.


You don’t have to keep beating up your joints, lifting weights.  Strength Training with Bands is the most “Joint Friendly” way to build strength and muscle definition while creating long term joint health. 


Keeping joints and muscles mobile is critical to slowing down Father Time. Training with a variable band resistance that accommodates to any fitness level, is the most efficient way to improve joint mobility and muscle flexibility while simultaneously building strength. 


Eliminate workout boredom. Resistance Band Training effectively trains all aspects of fitness and performance by creating unlimited exercises and workouts designed to keep you “Life Strong” and not just “Gym Strong.”

Here is what YOU GET INSTANTLY as an “All Access” Premium Band Gym Member

1) “Today’s Workout” provides Band Gym members with a daily workout or coaching session that follows a specific monthly training theme put together by Dave to eliminate having to plan a workout for those members that just want to workout. 

2) Direct email access to Coach Dave Monday through Friday to help provide you timely coaching when needed.

3) A Done-For-YOU 3 Month “On-Boarding” Workout Plan designed specifically for those members who are new to Resistance Band Training, The Band Gym and need help getting started. 

4) The Band Gym Coaching Educational Library is where we help answer members' questions by taking a deeper dive into how to address common injuries, training, and programming issues. This on-demand video based educational series already includes the following topics: 

  • How to Build Healthy Shoulders
  • Improving Flexibility and Mobility in Every Workout
  • Bullet Proofing Your Low Back
  • Building Effective Time Efficient Workouts
  • Eliminating Nagging Knee Pain
  • Better Hip Mobility - Why and How
  • Automating Your Workouts with the Seconds Pro App
  • How to Get More Athletic Training Safely
  • Building Your Own Challenge Workouts
  • Learning How and Why to use Assisted Band Training

5) A Growing Instructional and Follow-Along Workout Library that Includes:

  • 20 - Crunch 20 Minute Follow Along Workouts
  • 6 - 45 Minute On-Demand Follow Along Total Body Workouts  
  • 40+  Body and Movement Specific Instructional Workouts

6) Your Weekly (Members Only) Band Gym Insider Coaching Newsletter where Dave breaks down a Band Gym Workout as well as provides you a quick educational Band Gym Minute before covering weekly Band Gym member questions.

7) 6 - 28 Day Workout Programs designed to address almost Any Fitness or Performance Goal

28 Day Strength Builder - that will build your band training base.

28 Day Core Chaos - for those that are tired of a stiff back and no results doing sit-ups and crunches every workout. 

28 Day Game Day Ready - for those that want to bring out the athlete in themselves and regain their Game Day Body. 

28 Day Muscle Maximizer - for those skeptics that think resistance bands can’t build muscle definition.

28 Day Super Hero Program - for those looking to move like Spiderman while getting joints and muscle feeling awesome.

28 Day SeniorSTRONG Program - for all senior Band Gym members that want to use bands to slow down Father Time.

8) Special Band Gym Training Guides that Include:

  • The Band Gym Travel Guide
  • The Thunder-Band Training Guide
  • The Dynamic Stabilizer Guide
  • Your 4-G Finisher Guide
  • How to Build Your Own Home Band Gym

9) Instant Access to The Band Gym Setup and Exercise Vault which consist of:  

  • 200+  Exercises Videos categorized for easy access
  • 40+ Band Gym Setup Videos

10) Extensive Band Gym Resource Library that includes:

  • 40+ Band Gym Minute video training tips
  • Resources for Trainers and Coaches
  • Direct Contact Page to Dave
  • Band Gym Mini Course
  • Training Accessory Instruction

Only a Guy who has studied, trained and dedicated 20+ years of his professional career, helping 1000’s of people all over the world get better with bands, could provide you this unmatched resistance band training virtual gym experience.

Not sure The Band Gym is for you??


You are probably NOT a fit for The BAND GYM if you answer YES to any of these questions...

  • Love the hassles of driving to the local gym 4 to 5 times per week

  • Like seeing how much weight you can lift every week

  • Have to bench press, squat and deadlift weekly

  • Enjoy struggling with sore elbows, shoulders, knees, and low back after working out

  • Not interested in looking, feeling and moving athletically

  • Not interested in convenient, unlimited, anywhere workouts

  • Think training with bands is for wimps and those that want to Tone Up

  • Would rather not workout than workout with resistance bands

You’re probably a GREAT FIT for The Band Gym if...

  • You don’t want to feel obligated or rely on having to go to the local gym

  • You’re tired of hurting for several days following a weight lifting workout 

  • You have stopped working out because you can’t lift the amount of weight you use to

  • You want to start training with bands but are unsure where to start

  • You’re tired of starting and stopping workout routines due to injury or pain

  • You're scared to lift weights but really want to get stronger and create better muscle definition in your arms, legs, back and shoulders

  • You struggle following a workout routine do to a hectic family, work and travel schedule

  • You're bored with traditional free weight dominate lifting programs   

As a Band Gym Member...

It’s not about just building strength and muscle. The first goal is to get you feeling and moving your best, while learning how to train every week with a convenient, joint friendly, anywhere, anytime band training system. With that in place, you can continue doing what you love to do for a very long time.

Our Commitment to Every Band Gym Member...

Yes building strength and muscle is important but it starts with getting members feeling and moving their best. To do this we are going to teach, coach, and train members how to safely and efficiently apply the most versatile, convenient, joint friendly, and time tested resistance band training system ever created. 

What Members are Saying about The Band Gym...

Glad I purchased the thunder band set... You are the man!! So glad I joined “The Band Gym'' and that you are my coach and if I have a question you answer directly! That is unheard of, most of these so-called self proclaimed experts have a foreign base for their customer support and that makes the waters muddy when asking for advice.. That's why I will be a Band Gym member for life :) Thanks Dave and Karen for your devotion and hard work.

Chris S


While it's great that so many testimonials on your site are about "quitting the gym and weights," there are some of us who still enjoy the challenge of hoisting plates and DBs. For me, bands don't replace that. But they sure make it BETTER.

1. Bands give me a safer way to do a lot of things I used to do with weights. For example, I worry a lot less doing tricep extensions with my Thunder Band. It beats the risk of crushing my skull while lifting a barbell over my head! 

2. Contrast training gives me much more stability on those heavy compound lifts. In the six months I've been using bands with weights, I've hit more PRs than ever without any morning-after joint pain. Please do more contrast training videos!

3. Finally... and this is a big one... Bands let me work out in more places and in more ways than would be possible with weights. My basement "gym" has a great setup that includes weights. But during COVID, getting out of the house has been an important part of my mental well-being. Whether my getaways have just been workouts in the park or weekend trips to the beach, bands have kept me fit and optimistic. I always get back to my weights feeling stronger and more invigorated after an RBT day or two.

Anyway, I'm writing all of this because I'm glad to see you explaining that bands are not just for the "quit weights forever" crowd. If anything, they've helped me enjoy weights even more. Keep up the great work and keep those contrast training videos coming. 

I hope we all can, as you say, "kick COVID's butt." At least so far for me, it's been "bands-1... COVID-zero."



Hi Dave, Love this!  

You guys are the best. I am so glad I found you as you have already had a huge impact on my life and changed my entire thought process as far as working out. Everything you provide to your customer is Top Notch so just keep doing what you're doing. It is beyond fantastic in my book. You explain things better than just about every trainer I have had and your knowledge is so helpful. I feel better already. Thanks for everything you do and have a fantastic weekend.

Diane P

Dave what a difference a few months will make. I have gone from 155 pounds to about 172 and very lean with your programs about to start a new one today and I’m very excited for the future. Built my band gym once the pandemic started it’s strong enough for all my pushing and pulling exercises to be attached. 

I work out in about a 12 by 14 room that doubles as my office. I don’t think I’ll ever go back to a regular gym. I’m more athletic and stronger than I’ve been in a long time even when I was in the military lifting weights all the time. I just felt big and slow (190 pounds back then). Now I just feel strong and athletic.

Thanks Dave 

Klint W

As a 72 year old veteran home exerciser, I wanted you to know how impressed I am with RBT and The Band Gym. I like the versatility of the loop bands, your short instructional videos, well-balanced programs, and opportunities for personal coaching.

Thanks and keep up the good work.

Paul Baldino

Just wanted to let you know I've been using the band system to rehab a partial shoulder/bi tear from a year ago while trying to lift atlas stones (ridiculous),  I'm a 52 year old chiropractor and need my shoulders to be healthy,  I love how I have learned how to move and control my shoulder girdle using the bands, thanks again for all your hard work, if people would put in the time to learn to use the bands properly there’d be a lot more functional people in a lot less pain.

Todd Matheson

I’ve been training 100% band only for the past few months . Haven’t lost any muscle mass or overall strength. In fact I’ve gained some size on my arms and shoulders! I tried some traditional dumbbell work today during my chest/shoulders/triceps workout and during the workout I felt some irritation in both shoulders. Stopped that immediately and switched back to my band only workout. I really appreciate how aggressively I can get after it with bands and make progress without joint pain and actually REVERSE IT! I’m grateful I found RBT when I did so I can train into my 80’s and beyond.

Shawn McCoy

The BANDS are fantastic and so portable. BUT The BAND GYM is even better as I can now train with a directed purpose.   

However the BEST part of The BAND GYM is having access to DAVE and having him guide you through your training.  In the short time I've had the bands and especially the Dynamic Stabilizers the long standing issues I've had with my knees , hips, and glutes have diminished.

Bill Moloney

Thank you for the great products, the great videos, and the great system. I’m carrying more muscle than I ever had in my life and am wearing clothes from when I got married 20 years ago. 

Bernie Hunt

I discovered resistance bands and with them I have seen more progress with less soreness and zero injuries than with any other systems.

Jeff Kelly

I’ve been following you for over 15 years and my personal training practice now revolves around using Bands  -thanks to your influence.

Being 58 years old I also have a lot of ortho problems and the bands allowed me to continue to work out and make adjustments so I can stay in the game myself.


Jim Hart

The fact that I can be a Dad again without pain (physically & without emotional embarrassment) by sharing simple things like throwing a football in the yard with my boy... I’m truly blessed, and beyond grateful. 

Brian Z

Yes! Dave I want you to be my coach at $149 $127/year (ONLY $0.36/day) knowing that in 30 days if I am not completely blown away with The Band Gym workouts, programs, coaching, education, and customer service, I can ask for a full 100% return of my membership fee.


My wife and I just finished week one of the Jump Start Program. This is much more doable than free weights that are difficult to control and strain the joints. The first two days I didn’t think we were getting much of a workout, but at least I felt energized. Then we hit day four. Ouch, I’m feeling. That’s more about my core and glutes being pathetically weak than the program. While doing workout four I didn’t feel it so I pushed hard. Maybe too hard. The rest day and the total body workout helped to work that soreness. Great plan. The best part is my wife and I are able to work out together. She is fairly petite and we have a significant strength difference so we could never work out together in a traditional gym. This is a lot better.

Kelly P

Coach Dave,

Thanks for checking in. I’ve been meaning to get back to you but I’ve been pretty busy lately. Not too busy to get my workouts (mobilizations, primers, and workouts) in though. 

I started watching your videos on YouTube years ago while using bands that my friend supplied me with. Then this March I decided to get serious about routinely working out. I completed your Jump Start Program, at the intermediate level, then transitioned into the last two weeks of the 28 Day Challenge. I was so happy with my results and dedication to achieving better physical health that I then joined your Band Gym for the remainder of the year. The Momentum Builder is definitely taking it to the next level. The best part is knowing that the more I efficiently execute and push myself, the more the results will come. I love feeling muscle groups that I haven’t felt in a very long time. 

With as busy as I get, it’s good to know that all I have to do is go to the Band Gym and you’ve got a plan for me. It’s all right there. Your motivation, your experience, and your innovation. With the gains that I’ve made so far, it only reinforces my dedication to continue to learn more and continually reach new heights. Thanks again for reaching out and your coaching. Keep building and stay safe.  

Brian H


I have invested in so much equipment from TRX, to a homemade industrial grade pull-up bar, homemade box jump, slam balls, kettlebells, lots of dumbbells, RB with handles, jump ropes, courses with workouts, workout programs, personal coaching,  etc... But none of them compare to your approach on fitness. Everyone talks about how to look better naked, get sexy, beach body, blah blah blah...

Over the years, and after being a gym rat of doing 8-10 Session/week your programs prove that you can still train optimally with minimum days per week. 

Thank you for your real options to just get a good workout in without having to spend hours in the gym so we can get back to life.

Jaclyn C

Hey Dave!

Quick note: some people might say “Dave your emails are killing me. Too many emails. Too often”. 

Not me. Keep them coming.

Each email I get from you is a motivational trigger I can use to get off my butt [working from home] and begin new habit formation using my bands [and spin bike, fit ball, bosu, etc.]. With bands being the axel that everything else spins around. 

Any ideas you have on ‘integrating’ bands with fit ball & bosu are welcomed.

I LOVE your dedication to your work.

What a great PURPOSE…helping folks like me be their best so I can do more Good in the World.

Freakin’ awesome!

Thanks, Dave

Pat M


Thank you SO much for all of your hard work and thoughtful, simple instruction and training.

 A game changer for me has been the split squats, which have activated my glutes, helped my knees and even improved my pelvic floor coordination and function! Can't say enough about that benefit, as a woman over 50!

I had been training with bands on my own before I found you, because I had discovered their usefulness while I was rehabbing a knee. The extra support of a band setup allowed me to complete difficult range of motion exercises while I came back. I did supported pushups, supported squats and shoulder mobilizations, just from fooling around on my own. Your systems and accessories are really taking me far beyond what I had been able to do.

As you know, most people just don't get how amazing band work is, for low impact strength and flexibility applications. It can be endlessly adapted, and I love that! I'm thrilled to have found you and your body of work. Fantastic job, Dave.

I'm a fan for life!

Dawn R

Hi Dave,

I am doing 5-6 sessions a week with the bands. My 74 year old body is changing and I am looking a lot more youthful. I don't see any 74 year olds around here that look as good as I do.  

Many years ago I was a track cyclist. When I was 46 I had a very bad accident on my track bike and I lost the use of my right arm for 7 months. I severely damaged the brachial plexus. I lost a tremendous amount of muscle in my right arm and shoulder and upper back. I rehabbed myself but was never the same. My bicep was about the diameter of a pencil. Over the years I’ve gained a lot back but never got above about 80%. 

Since I got bands I have been concentrating a lot of effort to bring myself back to 100% on my right side. Dave, I am almost there. I have had significant muscle growth in my arms, shoulders and upper back and traps. The bands make it easy to reach into  hard to work old muscles. My right bicep is nearly as large as my left and I am sure I will equalize my right and left sides. 

This is great stuff. A 74 year old CAN gain muscle. My waist is smaller now as well. I am down two pants sizes but am up 3 pounds from my lowest. That can only mean I have gained muscle. BTW, the instructions in the band gym are very helpful. 


Larry P

Thank you again for taking time to learn more about The Band Gym and how together we can help you look, feel, and move your best training with resistance bands. 

I look forward to meeting and working with you very soon in The Band Gym. 

Coach Dave Schmitz