#1 Exercise for Active Aging Chiseled Chest Training

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Chest Training

Active Aging Chiseled Chest Training

Most active aging 40+ guys would enjoy having a more chiseled chest. They can if they incorporate a few ageless training routines into every chest chiseling workout.

The #1 issue most guys have when it comes to training their chest is they rely on bench pressing variations with barbells or dumbbells to get the job done.

This is NOT a good strategy for several reasons:

  1. It’s an open chain activity that does not get very good scapular stabilization
  2. Puts a huge burden on the rotator cuff which happens to be the #1 issue with chest training
  3. Doesn’t get the abs involved which, in turn, gets shoulder blade stabilization on board
  4. Needs a lot of heavy bulky equipment to get in a workout
  5. It’s a pretty technical exercise that few guys really know how to do

A much better chest training option is good old fashion push-ups.

Why Push-Ups for Chest Training

  1. It’s a closed chain activity so it immediately helps the rotator cuff do its job as a shoulder joint stabilizer
  2. The abs are involved so the shoulder blade muscle is automatically activated
  3. They can be done anywhere
  4. They hit all parts of the chest by positioning your feet at different levels relative to your chest
  5. You can load up resistance easily with Quantum Bands
  6. You can use bands to assist the push-up thus making push-ups something anyone can do
  7. They can be done unilaterally so are much safer than dbs

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