Active Aging Leg Training

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Leg training

What is Active Aging Leg Training?


Active aging leg training using gravity based resistance like dumbbells, kettle bells and barbells is successful when it doesn’t go to the bar first in the gym. Matter of fact, these gravity based tools should only be part of a leg training routine and not the only thing. 

Interjecting elastic resistance into a leg routine will address several aspects of training that are typically overlooked with active aging leg training.

4 Elements of Active Aging Leg Training that RBT Should Dominate

1. Dynamic Hip and Lower Leg Flexibility

Resistance bands can and should play a significant role in improving and maintaining dynamic hip flexibility. Every leg training routine should start with this series of hip stretching and mobilization once foam rolling has been completed.

Need a Solid Hip Pre-Stretching Routine??

2. Hip Stabilization and Activation

Leg training longevity will be directly associated with how well the hips maintain a high level of stability, especially in the front plane. Dynamic stabilizer training should be the foundation from which every active aging leg training routine initiates hip stabilization and activation.

Dynamic Stabilizer Primer Workout to Get You Ready for Leg Day

3. Developing Solid Hip Hinge Mechanics Form

Hip hinging is the godfather for any and all leg strength training. Find someone who struggles with hip hinging and they most likely struggle with doing any type of squatting with free weights. Not having solid squat mechanics leads to overloading of the knee joint. Resistance band horizontal vector training is one of the most effective ways to train or continually retrain hip hinging and ultimately squat mechanics.

Use This 3 Exercise Band – Kettlebell Workout to Get Your Hips Hinging

4. Optimizing Joint Lubrication

As the body ages, joint and tendon lubrication takes longer to optimize, especially if the goal is to perform an aggressive leg training routine. Performing a 10 to 15 minute interval cardio base workout will optimize joint and tendon lubrication. This will make those initial first 2 or 3 sets significantly less aggravating or even painful. 

The Dynamic Stabilizer workout I show you above gets this down equally as well while also getting your hips ready to rock.


As the body ages there must be an adjustment made in how a leg workout is initiated. Not making these training adjustments will ultimately lead to less than an enjoyable workout experience or worse yet injury and loss of workout time. RBT makes it very easy to build in these pre-leg training elements and in turn allow leg training longevity.

Pyramid - Leg Training

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