Home Band Training Ideas That Keep Workouts Fresh and Fun

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Home band training, following the RBT Method, is unlimited when it comes to indoor training setups, exercises, workouts and programs.

Do you struggle coming up with home band training ideas that keep your workouts energizing and fresh?

I know I can definitely fall into doing the Same Old Same Old Routine.

Fortunately with resistance band training (vs. with free weights) there are unlimited ways to change up workouts, exercises and programs to keep things fresh and fun. Let me take you through several indoor training ideas and examples of how you can make your home band workouts more fun, fresh and challenging.

Home Band, Indoor Training Ideas Anyone Can Implement

1. Short Burst Cardio Training

Who needs a treadmill?? Link two bands together and hook them to a bar or a door using a band utility strap. Then, set up a couple of cones or floor markers. For 30, 40 or 60 seconds, work on simple 3-step shuffles, backpedals or skaters, then rest for 15-20 or 30 seconds between exercises — complete 12 to 15 sets or 15 to 20 minutes of work. Increase work time or decrease rest time as your fitness level improves.

This will not only challenge your cardio, it will help improve lower body strength, power and endurance.

2. Burn Calories While Improving Agility and Balance

One of the most convenient ways to train agility and balance is using the 13-inch dynamic stabilizer. It takes minimal space and it trains what most people lose as they age…hip stability. Using a 13″ dynamic stabilizer band makes hip stabilization training a cardio workout. You set your speed, work intervals, rest intervals and sets. By you setting those variables, this becomes an Anybody, Anywhere, Anytime workout you can do at home.

3. Get Out of the Same Old Plane of Motion

Our body is designed to move in multiple directions. However, traditional strength training programs often have you moving in single planes either up and down or forward and backward. Rarely do you see people strength training using rotational or sideways movement patterns.

Training your body to move in different directions that include rotational patterns or sideways patterns is a great way to change up your workout. Not only will you find yourself working a lot harder, you will see a significant increase in your strength because you are strengthening your weakest link.

4. Train Trunk Stability with Strength Simultaneously

I like to bring in trunk stabilization training as often as possible with my strengthening exercises. Specifically, I like using off-set loading and horizontal vectors, something resistance band training can easily be setup to do. This simple training technique will provide you with several home band training variations.  For example a dowel or towel is a simple way to apply both horizontal vectors and off-set loading.

5. Band Training with a Common at Home Accessory

Towels are a great band training accessory that everyone has. What makes a towel one of those awesome indoor training ideas? You can add it to your resistance band training without worrying about damaging your bands or losing your grip. Plus, it allows you to off-set load to train more trunk stability. Lastly, it adds length to your band training setup which can sometimes make training better.

6. Using Different Band Setups to Train the Same Muscles

When it comes to band training there are many different setups you can use to train the same muscle regions. You can use attached or attachment free setups. You can go with unilateral or bilateral setups. For example, here are two different ways to train your lower body using 2 different band setups that also brings in all planes of motion.

7. Changing Rep Tempo – Band Training Exclusive

A resistance band’s variable resistance (VR) allows you to change up rep speed. This is not possible with gravity dominated training tools like dumbbells or kettlebells. By increasing rep tempo you are able to impact different muscle fiber types which creates a much different exercise feel and response. Plus, it allows any exercise to go from more of a strength building effect to a metabolic effect. Since any band exercise allows for changes in rep tempo, you have an instant variable you can change on the fly.


Obviously indoor training workouts can and are unlimited when it comes to creating variations, modification and a fresh workout experience. Truly the only limiting factor to keeping your home band training workouts fresh is your knowledge.

Your Home Band Training Never has to get Boring Again

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