5 Keys to Making 50 the New 30

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“Luck is when preparation meets opportunity” -Coach Datka

Can 50 really be the new 30? I really think so. Yes, you always need to have a little luck but as an old football coach once told me, “luck is when preparation meets opportunity.” So yes, I do think it’s possible if you are willing to create a new mind-set when it comes to how you workout, train and prepare yourself for the opportunity to enjoy 50 and beyond.

As an example, having the willingness to consider flat resistance bands as a training “necessity” versus a training “alternative.” This is a very difficult mind shift for many individuals. Especially when everything you read and see is based on weights, muscle building and appearance — while very little is written about keeping the body feeling and moving well.

Please don’t misunderstand me. How you look is important and is probably the #1 characteristic that people associate with youth and being fit. However, achieving a young appearance is going to require having a body that feels and moves well first. This brings us back to exercising in a way that creates fitness longevity.

To do this will require keeping mobility and stability as the #1 exercise focus, staying age strong, following a recovery plan and most importantly — not following “Traditional Media Driven Strength Training Philosophies.”

Here are 5 Keys to Making 50 the New 30 and How RBT Helps Make These Happen

1. Continually exercise using different patterns and planes of movement

I have stressed this point numerous times over the years. Yet I rarely see it being done. All muscles and joints have the ability to move in 3 planes of motion, yet most exercise programs only use straight forward and back single plane movement patterns. All joints and muscles can move sideways, left-right, forward-backward and they can rotate clockwise or counter-clockwise.

Unfortunately, traditional training that exclusively uses machines and gravity dependent free weights can’t accommodate multi-plane training. Therefore, over time we wear out joints and create muscle imbalances that lead to overuse injury. Band training allows individuals to move anyway they wish to move while challenging muscles and joints with a variable ascending resistance that is adaptable to any strength level. As a result, the muscles and joints do not get overused in one pattern.

Change Up Directions with Band Pulling

2. Be willing to change up speeds

A body that moves at the same slow speed eventually loses the ability to move at faster speeds. This is why you see very few 40 and older individuals able to move quickly or run at different speeds. Being able to move at different speeds improves balance and creates faster muscle reaction time. These are both keys to better balance, avoiding falls or being injured when awkward movements come our way.

Traditional constant free weight resistance is done essentially at one speed no matter how much you try to go faster. A band’s variable resistance actually allows you to change up speeds safely and naturally which, in turn, allows you to train muscles to respond faster.

Training With Speed Safely

3. Think movements, not just muscles

Traditional training constantly emphasizes muscles versus movements. Just open up a fitness magazine and you will see workouts for a better chest, arms and legs but rarely do you see a workout for better pushing, pulling or squatting.

The fact is as your body ages, being able to push, pull or lunge in multiple directions is going to be far more important to you than building your chest, back and legs. I promise if you can lunge multiple ways, you will have great looking legs. Obviously the same will be true for the chest and back. Fortunately with resistance band training you can push, pull and lunge in all directions.

Pushing in Multiple Directions

4. Be willing to take weight off

How much weight do you need to lift to be considered strong for your age?? I can’t answer that but if you can continue to squat, lunge, do a push up, press weight overhead and pull yourself off the floor for multiple reps, you are better than 90% of the people who are between the ages of 30 and 50.

Seriously…less than 18% of the population is involved in an exercise program and of that 18%, I suspect at least 70% can’t perform a good push up, squat or incline pull up.

So if how much weight (resistance) you lift is not as important, then band resistance — which allows you to strength train any movement — is going to keep your body strong while training it using movements that will better help you handle life. In other words, it’s not so important what the weight is on the bar but rather how the resistance you are working with keeps you safely doing activities at 50 that you could do at 30.

5. Commit to mobility & stability training

Your body is going to start to lose flexibility and mobility as you age. Get over it, accept it and start doing something about it every day. The #1 key to 50 being the new 30 is going to be how flexible your body is and how mobile (stability with flexibility) it is. Strength is great but strength without flexibility and stability is a body that can’t move, feels stiff and is prone to injury.

Based on previous discussions, moving well must be the first priority to keeping a body that’s 50 feeling like 30. Bands stretch and stabilize your body by using elastic resistance that lengthens, strengthens and stabilizes muscles at their weakest points in the range of motion. As long as you maintain tension on the band system, your muscles will get longer, stronger and joints will become more stable on every rep.

Band Assisted Flow Warm-up


If you understand how the body ages and what physical changes will occur with age, it becomes very apparent that following traditional strength training approaches is not going to help address most of these age-driven changes. The good news is that all of these age-related changes affect structures like muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints which can be dramatically influenced by incorporating the right type of exercises and workout plan.

Band Training performed correctly, will address and retard these age-related changes while allowing you to function at a much younger age than what the calendar may reflect.

What’s the Best Way to Learn How to Use RBT to Make 50 Your New 30?

Band gym making 50 the new 30

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What Band Gym Members are Saying

Sean M, Band Gym Member

The Band Gym has been a game changer for me. I am 35 years old and have had 3 shoulder surgeries from football and baseball with the last one being 15 years ago. I have completed 2 Band Gym training programs and my shoulder has never felt better! I have been to physical therapy countless times over the years. Nothing has worked for my shoulder pain and tightness like the Band Gym.

Of course, I have done “bands” before given this is a staple in physical therapy. However, training with You and your bands is on a whole different level. You’re a great coach who is very passionate, motivated, and innovative. You walk me through each workout step by step and provide helpful tips for every exercise.

My overall physique, muscle tone, and stability have changed significantly and I feel better and look better. So much that my wife wants to start training with bands! I am a believer because I am getting results. Prior to the Band Gym, I was playing competitive basketball 3X per week and attending fitness classes at my Health Club. No doubt I will continue to get better and stay better with bands by continuing to train with your training programs both new and old while still having fun at the Club. I can’t wait to get back on the hardwood. I know I am bigger, stronger, and faster than I was 3 months ago! Thanks Dave!!!

Klint W, Band Gym Owner

Dave what a difference a few months will make. I have gone from 155 pounds to about 172 and very lean with your programs about to start a new one today and I’m very excited for the future. Built my Band Gym once the pandemic started it’s strong enough for all my pushing and pulling exercises to be attached. I work out in about a 12 by 14 room that doubles as my office.

I don’t think I’ll ever go back to a regular gym. I’m more athletic and stronger than I’ve been in a long time even when I was in the military lifting weights all the time. I just felt big and slow (190 pounds back then). Now I just feel strong and athletic. Thanks Dave.

Brian H, Band Gym Member

Thanks for checking in. I’ve been meaning to get back to you but I’ve been pretty busy lately. Not too busy to get my workouts (mobilizations, primers, and workouts) in though. 

I started watching your videos on YouTube years ago while using bands that my friend supplied me with. Then this March I decided to get serious about routinely working out. I completed your Jump Start Program, at the intermediate level, then transitioned into the last two weeks of the 28 Day Challenge. I was so happy with my results and dedication to achieving better physical health that I joined your Band Gym for the remainder of the year. The Momentum Builder is definitely taking it to the next level. The best part is knowing that the more I efficiently execute and push myself, the more the results will come. I love feeling muscle groups that I haven’t felt in a very long time. 

With as busy as I get, it’s good to know that all I have to do is go to the Band Gym and you’ve got a plan for me. It’s all right there. Your motivation, your experience, and your innovation. With the gains that I’ve made so far, it only reinforces my dedication to continue to learn more and continually reach new heights. Thanks again for reaching out and your coaching. Keep building and stay safe. 

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