18 Exercises That Combine Bands with Weights

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use bands with weights

The best way to keep weight lifting a part of your weekly workout and avoid constantly beating up your body is to combine bands with weights

I have talked a lot over the years about the importance and benefits of training with a Variable or Ascending “Band” resistance vs always training with a constant free weight resistance. As a 50+ guy, I have found that combining bands with weights is by far the best way to keep some weight lifting into your weekly routine without beating up the joints or placing the body at a higher potential for overuse injuries.

The key is learning how to safely apply bands to specific exercises and, in turn, optimize each exercise.

18 Exercises that Combine Bands with Weights

Here are 18 exercise examples of how to contrast train bands with free weights.

  1. Deadlift Variations
  2. Chest Press Variations
  3. Purmotion Incline Pressing Variations
  4. Front Squats
  5. Kettlebell Swings
  6. Kettlebell Squats
  7. DB Posterior Chain Training
  8. DB Step Down Training
  9. Kettlebell Reverse Lunges
  10. Purmotion Leg Training
  11. Hammer Press Training
  12. Barbell Hip Training
  13. Kettlebell Split Jerks
  14. Purmotion Jerk Press and Bentover Rows
  15. Rowing Variations
  16. Barbell Presses
  17. Barbell Curls and Triceps Press  
  18. Renegade Deadlifts


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