10 Unique RBT-To-Go Band Set-Ups

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RBT Travel Fit Kit

It’s easy to understand why bands are the perfect RBT-to-GO training tool.

Bands provide light weight portability, unlimited exercise options and a high amount of easy transportable resistance. However, all of this is only possible if you understand how to set up bands to be used. Understanding seamless band set-ups for specific exercise options eliminates frustration, bands irritating your body and potential injury while allowing you to have a free flowing workout anywhere.

That said I am going to take you through 10 set-ups using your Travel Fit Kit and the RBT-to-Go Band Package so you can knockout endless workouts every time you travel.

10 RBT-to-Go One Band Set-Ups

These RBT-to-Go band set-ups will provide you with 100’s of exercises to attack you entire body.

1. Looping Around Both Feet

Used to do:

  • Dead-lifts
  • Straight Leg Dead-lifts
  • Single Arm Rows
  • Seat Rows

2. Simple Pushing Set-Up

Used to do:

  • Planks
  • Mt. Climbers
  • Push Up Variations
  • Punching Variations
  • Standing Squat Pushes

3. Advance Pushing Set-Up

4. Standing on Band with 2 Feet Parallel

Used to do:

  • Rack Squats
  • Push Press
  • High Pull
  • Hammer Curls

5. Standing on Band with 1 Foot Staggered

Used to do:

  • Incline Chest Press
  • Military Press
  • Pull a Part
  • Single Arm Rambo Press
  • All Split Squats
  • Reverse Lunges

6. Small Band Looped into a Larger Band

Used to do:

  • All Upper Body Vector Exercises

7. Half Crossover Set-Up

Used to do:

  • Split Squats
  • Reverse Lunges
  • Elevated Split Squats
  • Contrasting in Free Weight with above exercises

8. Single Foot Single Hand Set-Up

Used to do:

  • Single Arm Upper Body Pressing

All exercises are in The Band Gym Exercise VaultRBT Virtual Tour

9. Single Attached Band Set-Up

Used to do:

  • Single Arm Vector Exercises
  • Vector Lunges
  • Vector Split Squats
  • Vector Reverse Lunges
  • Core Reaction

10. Adjustable Cable Column

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Meet Dave

Dave Schmitz, PT, CSCS, PES has been writing, teaching and training how to implement resistance band training for rehabilitation, general conditioning, and performance since 1996. He is the founder & co-owner of Resistance Band Training— the leading band provider worldwide.

Along with being a co-author of the Amazon best seller, Total Body Breakthroughs, Dave is also the author and producer of numerous fitness & nutrition articles, E-books, DVDs. His passion is focused on trainers, clients, and athletes improve their body’s ability to handle momentum, gravity and ground reaction forces using elastic resistance. Dave also consults online with several high schools, universities, private performance training business and is also on the board of experts for the International Youth and Conditioning Association (IYCA).

3 Responses to "10 Unique RBT-To-Go Band Set-Ups"
  1. Roy Crampton says:

    These are brilliant! I so needed a kick up the backside. You are an inspiration. Cheers.

  2. Britt Reese says:

    Thank you for all the wonderful exercise variations, Dave!

  3. John says:

    Thank you for the inspirational training programs. Throughout this lockdown and my deployment to New York City with the U.S Air Force to help with the covid-19 response, your videos and training regimen helped me keep my gains. Thank you for your personal service on your notification on when you inventory was restocked so I could get a set of your quality bands. I appreciate it.

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