Spartacus Workout 1 – 2019 & 2009

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spartacus band workout 1

Spartacus Band Workouts: The Ultimate 3 in 1 Workout

Spartacus Band Workouts were designed in 2009, to demonstrate how easy it was to increase exercise progression following the RBT Method. Using the 3 levels of RBT progression (stationary-mobility-integrated) people were shown, over a 60-second work set, how they could seamlessly flow from one progression to the next while never having to change resistance.

Workout Details

When attempting this workout for the first time, you are welcome to attempt all 3 levels of progression per exercise. However, always choose quality reps over volume.

Alternate through 5 exercises (each demonstrating 3 levels of progression from easiest to most challenging) performing 60 seconds of work followed by 15 seconds of rest while transitioning to the next exercise. Cycle through this 5-exercise sequence 4 times, taking an additional 60-second rest between cycles.

Spartacus Workout 1 – 2019

Spartacus Workout 1 – 2009

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Spartacus Workout 1



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