Spartacus Workout 2 – 2019 & 2009

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spartacus workout 2

Spartacus Band Workout 2 – Attached Triple Threat

Spartacus Band Workout 2 applied the same 3 in 1 progression while using more attached versus attachment free band setups. However, the ability to seamlessly flow from one level of progression to the next was even easier to do with attached resistance band training. This makes Spartacus 2 an even more effective interval fat loss, strength training workout.

Workout Details

Like Spartacus 1, alternate through all 5 exercises performing 60 seconds of work followed by 15 seconds of rest while transitioning to the next exercise. Choose the progression or progressions that allow you to chase quality reps throughout the workout. Cycle through all 5 exercises 4 times taking a 60-second rest between cycles.

Spartacus Workout 2 – 2019

Spartacus Workout 2 – 2009

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Spartacus Workout 2