Boulder Shoulder Workout – 2019 & 2009

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boulder shoulder workout

Joint friendliness is the key to the Boulder Shoulder Band Workout being sustainable at any age

The shoulder region is the most frequently injured joint in the body when it comes to training with free weights. As a result, RBT Shoulder Training, especially in the active aging population, has been a game changer over the past 10 years.

The Boulder Shoulder Band Workout has not only been an RBT staple shoulder building workout, it has also allowed 1000’s of people with nagging shoulder pain, due to long-term weight lifting, to regain complete pain free shoulder functional strength.

Workout Details

Alternate through all 5 shoulder band exercises performing 40 seconds of work followed by 20 seconds of rest while transitioning to the next exercise. Cycle through all 5 exercises 4 times for a 20-minute workout. If needed, you can apply a 60-second rest between cycles.

Boulder Shoulder Workout 2019

Boulder Shoulder Workout 2009

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