Core Towel Workout

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A towel is one of the best band accessories when it comes to training upper body strength and core stabilization. In this video Dave walks you through the Core Towel Workout.

3 Places to Workout That’s Not a Gym

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One of the best ways to stay motivated about your weekly workouts is to change up where you workout. However, this requires having a plan and the right equipment. Resistance bands make working out anywhere possible. Here are 3 places to workout that do not include having to go to a gym. Learn where and how today.


When You Don’t Want to Workout

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Making fitness a lifestyle doesn’t just happen. It takes a willingness to commit to voluntarily working the body when most individuals are not working. That said, it also requires developing strategies to work out when you just don’t feel like doing it. Learn the 6 strategies to use when you don’t want to workout.