Core Towel Workout

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A towel is one of the best band accessories when it comes to using bands to train upper body strength and core stabilization.

Reason being is all the training is off-set loading. Along with that, being able to change speeds, resistance, planes of movement and base of support makes for a continual core activation workout. In this Core Towel Workout you will quickly realize how all those variables come into play.

Core Towel Workout Training Recommendations

Program Design

Work Set Time: 40-sec

Rest Between Sets: 20-sec

Rest Between Rounds: 90-sec

# of Total Sets Per Round: 8 (4 per exercise)

# of Exercises Alternated Through Per Round: 8

# of Recommended Rounds: 4


  1. Medium Single Band Package or Gym to Go Package if an attachment point is needed
  2. Towel


Round 1: Chest Press Right and Left

Round 2: Hose Pull Right and Left

Round 3: Push Press Right and Left

Round 4: Supine Curl – Overhead Triceps

Get the Band Package Used in this Workout

Medium Single Band Package

Medium Single Band Package - Core Towel Workout

Gym To Go Package
(If Attachment Point is needed)

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