Thunder Band Workout Finisher

Thunder Band Workout Finisher

Thunder Band Workout Finisher will allow you to hit the entire body in 6 minutes. However, if you want more, here are two other ways to set up this workout.
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band complex workouts

Express Band Complex Workouts

No time for 2-hour bodybuilding workouts that beat up your body? Start training any specific body part or movement pattern using Express Band Complex Workouts.
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senior band training

Senior Band Training Blueprint

Resistance Band Training is perfect for senior fitness enthusiasts for several reasons. However, without a proven Senior Band Training Blueprint to follow, it's difficult to develop early training success.
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resistance band training

Is Resistance Band Training Right For YOU?

Over the years I have been asked by 1000's of people if resistance band training is right for them and where should they begin. Here are the top 10 questions you should ask yourself to see if resistance band training is a good fit for you.
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shoulder press workout

Shoulder Press Workout

The pillar shoulder press workout is an awesome shoulder strength training workout that is joint friendly and creates ab and scapular stabilization.
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