Bandzilla Workout 1

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Bandzilla Workout

About the Bandzilla Workout

Quantum bands are easily the most versatile strength training tool for several reasons:

  • Portability and Lightweight
  • Unlimited Resistance
  • Unlimited Setups
  • No Gravity Dependence

For these reasons you can load up your body in so many ways. Bandzilla workouts demonstrate exactly that but implements multiple band setups at one time to create multiple forces against the body.

This is an advanced workout so go slow and make sure you understand each individual setup first.

Training Recommendations

Set Up

Set yourself up as noted in the video. Pause the video if you need clarification on any one setup.


Once set up, perform the following 3 exercises:

  1. Squat Rows
  2. Squat Push
  3. Rhythmical Squat

Workout Plan

Work Interval – 40 seconds
Rest Interval – 20 seconds
Perform this 3-exercise sequence 6 times for an 18-minute workout.

Recommended Bands for This Bandzilla Workout

  1. Single Green XL Band
  2. 2 Green Dynamic Stabilizers
  3. 1 Black Dynamic Stabilizer
  4. Accessory Kit
  5. Pair of Black Medium Bands

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