1,000 Second Band Workout

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1000 Second Band Workout

About the 1,000 Second Band Workout

The 1,000 Second Band Workout format is a very versatile workout format that can be used in multiple training settings including:

  • Semi-private workouts
  • Private workouts
  • Large group bootcamps
  • Large performance-based workouts
  • Personal workouts

I have used it successfully in all of them, and I am confident any fitness pro or fitness enthusiast will experience the same success.

When you finish a 1,000 Second Band Workout you will feel like you have truly accomplished something that very few fitness enthusiasts are willing to attempt.

Training Recommendations


  • Determine 5 band exercises you will be performing.
  • Make sure you have bands set up so you can easily go from one exercise to the next.
  • Set your automated timer system (I use Seconds Pro) or have a clock available to track work and rest time.


  • Work Interval – 40 Seconds
  • Rest Time Between Intervals – 20 Seconds
  • Number of Exercise Stations – 5
  • Rest Between Rounds – 60 Seconds
  • Total Work Time Upon Completion of Workout – 1,000 Seconds
  • Total Actual Workout Time – 30 Minutes

Workout Plan

You will alternate through all 5 exercises performing each one for 40 seconds and taking 20 seconds to rest and prepare for the next exercise. Complete all 5 exercises following that format and then rest for 60 seconds before repeating that sequence 4 more times for a total of 5 rounds.

Here is a Done for YOU 1,000 Second Band Challenge Workout

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