Why Training with a Thunder Band Is Endless

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a Thunder Band workout

Why Own a Thunder Band?

Reason #1: Enough resistance in your hand to go heavy anytime

I hate carrying heavy weights around in my house and machines take up way too much space. So how do you create heavy resistance without heavy weights or machines??

Get a Thunder Band. One Thunder Band can create up to 250lbs of resistance and you can hold it in your hand.

Reason #2: Easy way to do horizontal vector training

Pulley systems are costly and eat up space. However, if you have been following me long enough you know it’s important to train with horizontal vectors.

How do you do that without a pulley or cable column?? Attach one Thunder Band to a stable structure and you are set to do any cable column exercise using a horizontal vector.

Reason #3: Inexpensive way to do treadmill free running

Treadmills are expensive and eat up a lot of space. How do you work on indoor running without a treadmill??

One Thunder Band allows you to do multiple variations of locomotion including crawling, walking, shuffling, backpedals, skipping, skaters and of course stationary traditional running.

Reason #4: Exercise versatility

Bored with your home training workouts?? If you are, it is only a matter of time before you start missing workouts which we know is not going to be a good thing. However, you don’t have space or money to add in more equipment.

For under $50 you can purchase one Thunder Band and be able to do over 100 exercises—of which at least 50% of them you are not doing right now unless you already own one.

Additional Training Options for Thunder Bands

Thunder Band Bootcamp Workout

Thunder Band Performance Workout

Athletic Speed Thunder Band Training

Heavy Sled Simulated Thunder Band Training

Why Own A lot of Space Eating Expensive Equipment…

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