Multi-Purpose Lower Body Workout

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Multi-purpose Lower Body Workout

About the Multi-Purpose Lower Body Workout

Like a lot of adults, I need to get more than just one thing accomplished with my workout. I like workouts that do more than just develop strength or burn calories. This multi-purpose lower body workout does exactly that.

When completed this workout will have:

  • Trained your body in multiple movement planes
  • Improved your hip mobility and flexibility
  • Trained your interval cardio for fat loss
  • Blasted your lower body strength
  • Trained your fast twitch power muscles
  • Taught your body how to decelerate and safely handle ground reaction forces
  • Challenged your core stability and balance
  • Taught you how to combine weights and bands

Plus, you will have done it in a very small space with minimal free weight resistance needed. Show me another workout that accomplishes all of that.

Training Recommendations

Set Up

To complete this workout you will need:

  1. A pair of similar sized bands, with my recommendation being either Black Medium (low resistance), Purple Large (moderate resistance) or Green XL (high resistance)
  2. An attachment point for your bands (Band Utility Strap in a door will work)
  3. A Link Strap to link bands together (must have linked up bands for running and hopping exercises)
  4. A Kettlebell or Dumbbell for contrast resistance

Program Plan

Round 1

Perform a 3-exercise sequence that includes:

  1. Kettlebell – Band Swings
  2. Kettlebell – Band Lunges towards Attachment
  3. Backpedal 2 Step Burst

Perform each exercise for 40 seconds of work, followed by 20 seconds of rest / transition to the next exercise. Complete this 3-exercise sequence 5 total times.

Round 2

Rest for 2 minutes after Round 1 and repeat the same sequence, implementing these 3 new exercises during Round 2.

  1. Lateral Kettlebell – Band Swings
  2. Lateral Band Hops
  3. Turn and Go Bursts

Total Workout Time – 32 Minutes

Recommended Band Package

Intermediate Band Package + Accessory Kit


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