41-Inch Black – Medium Bands (1 Pair)


Pair Black Medium Bands


Product Name – Black – Monster Mini – Medium Bands

This package includes:  2 (1 Pair) black medium bands

Dimensions of Bands:

 Width – 13/16 inch

Thickness – 5 mm

Length – 41 inches

Approximate Resistance in lbs – 35-75 pounds

Color – Black

Recommended Training Use:

  • Aggressive Plyometric Training
  • Most popular Adult boot camp band
  • Age 11-13 youth speed development
  • Aggressive core or hip stabilization training
  • Beginner adult locomotion training
  • Most popular stretching band
  • Male Adult Upper Body strength training
  • Female Lower body Strength training
  • Intermediate level Assisted Pull up band
  • Great overall band for attachment free strength training

See the Band in Action

Quick Access

The next size down of 41 inch band is the red mini small band.
The next size up of 41 inch band is the purple large band.

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