Door Anchor Utility Strap


Band Utility Strap


Product Name – Door Anchor Utility Strap

This package includes: Single Door Anchor Utility Strap

Plastic Tubing –   A 10 inch long piece of plastic tubing  and a 2 inch long piece of plastic is attached over the nylon strap.  The 2″ tubing is designed to placed into a door jamb or to lock the utility strap down when looped around a secure structure.  The 10″ piece is what the band will loop around and attach onto to provide edge free surface for the band to rest against.

Strap Width – Strapping is 1 inch heavy duty nylon strapping that is professionally sown using double stitching to ensure maximum strength and durability.

Total length of Utility Strap –  50 inches


Recommended Training Use:

The heavy duty 1 inch nylon utility strap easily wraps around and locks onto a…..

  • Basketball Pole
  • Tennis Net Pole
  • Small Tree
  • Picnic Tables
  • Garage Pipe

It also will fit into the hinged side of a door jam.

The Utility Strap turns your simple resistance band into a multi-purpose strength training system that allows you to do attached training almost anywhere.

Easily attach bands…

  • On the Road
  • At the field
  • On the Court
  • In your back yard or basketball court
  • In your house or apartment

… and train safely without any concerns of damaging your bands.

Here is how to use YOUR Door Anchor Utility Strap  

Building YOUR own Band Cable Column using a Door Anchor Utility Strap

At Resistance Band Training, we want to provide you the ultimate in resistance band education. Your first band purchase gives you access to our Customer Portal, where you will find complimentary training and resources that help you GET BETTER WITH BANDS.

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