6 in 1 Workout

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6 in 1 workout

About the 6 in 1 Workout

6 In 1 WorkoutThe following 6 in 1 Workout is a perfect example of how RBT is more than just an exercise tool. The following workout, once mastered can be implemented 6 different ways. I take you through all 6 ways below.

6 Workout Options

Option 1 – Implement this workout as a stand alone Anywhere – Anytime workout by alternating through each exercise 5 times using a work interval of 20 – 30 or 40 seconds and a rest interval of 10 seconds.

Option 2 – Alternate through all 4 exercises for 20 reps each to complete one round and then perform a run of 3 minutes or 800 meters between each round. Perform 6 total rounds of this strength – run combination.

Option 3 – Perform a timed challenge workout by seeing how long it takes you to perform 50, 75 or 100 reps of each exercise at one time. You can switch to the next exercise only after you have completed all reps of that exercise.

Option 4 – Find a 40 to 100 meter hill and incorporate 1 hill run followed by 10 reps of each exercise after you get back down to the bottom of the hill. See how long it takes you to complete 10 total rounds.

Option 5 – Choose one of these exercises and implement it as a finisher exercise on a chest, shoulder, back or leg day. Obviously choose the exercise that fits what was emphasized that day in your workout. Do a work interval of 15 seconds with a 5 second rest between x 12 total continuous work sets.

Option 6 – Go heavy with all 4 exercises by performing 5 heavy resistance reps every 45 seconds using only one of the exercises. Perform 6 total sets of that exercise before moving to a new exercise. The key is to make sure the resistance being used requires a slower rep tempo that makes you have to exert a high level of effort on every rep. You will find you need to take very short rests between reps as you progress through all 6 sets.


  1. Push Up
  2. Pull a Part
  3. Shoulder Press
  4. Front Squat

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6 In 1 Workout