Unlimited Band Workout

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Unlimited Band Workout

About the Unlimited Band Workout

Most people who come to RBT enjoy being provided with done-for-you or follow along workouts, which is great. However, I want to over deliver and give you more. I want you to learn and train which is why this Unlimited Band Workout program is really exciting.

You are going to follow along with me and while you’re doing that, learn how to program 100’s of your own workouts.

Training Recommendations

Program Design

In this follow along workout I am going to use a 15-second work interval followed by a 5-second rest interval. We will repeat this sequence for 8 total intervals using the same exercise before taking a 30-second rest.  After 30 seconds, choose a different band exercise and repeat the same sequence.


This workout will use the following exercises:

  1. Pull A Part Variation
  2. Front Squat Variation
  3. Push Press Variation
  4. Resisted Pillar Variation

Add Your Own Modifications

This is where the learning comes in. Feel free to add in different exercises, more exercise rounds, decreased work time or increased rest time. All of these are variables you can modify along with choosing different levels of  band resistance.

Enjoy your workout but more importantly…create your own next time.

Want Unlimited Band Workout Options?

Set yourself up for unlimited band workout options using this 15-5 program. Here is the package I recommend.

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