Throw Back Punching Workout

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Throw Back Punching Workout

About the Throw Back Punching Workout

The Throw Back Punching Workout hits so many different aspects of fitness. Different planes of movement, different speeds, core strength, metabolic conditioning, upper body strength, speed, power and coordination. Plus, like most RBT Workouts, you can do it just about anywhere.

Do the best you can at keeping your speed of movement as fast as possible through the full 20 seconds. During each subsequent round, try to apply a different variation of this high speed upper body exercise.

Training Recommendations

Program Design

Work Set Time: 20 Seconds
Rest Between Sets: 10 Seconds
# of Total Sets Per Round: 8
# of Exercises Alternated Through Per Round: 2
# of Recommended Rounds: 4


  1. Parallel Stance Reciprocal Punching
  2. Rotational Reciprocal Punching
  3. Staggered Stance Reciprocal Punching
  4. Squat Reciprocal Punching

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