2 Minute Chest Workout

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2 Minute Chest Workout

About the 2 Minute Chest Workout

The 2 minute chest workout implements a continuous 2 minute training approach that can be programmed using 2 different formats. Both of these continuous 2 minute formats have their own benefits.

Continuous 2 Minute Formats

Format 1: Alternating Unilateral

Alternating Unilateral is where you choose a unilateral movement and alternate sides every 10 reps for 2 continuous minutes. In this workout we will be using unilateral chest presses.

The benefit is that it creates an off-set load that will simultaneously challenge your abs to work harder at stabilizing your low back region. Plus, it is very easy to set this format up with bands.

Format 2: Repeat Sets

Repeat Sets is where you choose 1 exercise and perform repeat sets of 5 reps with a 5 second recovery for the entire 2 minute period. In this chest workout we will use band flies.

The benefit is that it develops an amazing muscle saturation pump while allowing you to choose any band exercise. Also, since you are only doing one exercise there is no transition needed to another exercise.

Program Design

Station 1

Alternate between right and left chest presses performing 10 reps on each set. Make side to side transition time as short as possible to optimize training effect. Continue alternating for 2 continuous minutes before resting for 1 minute. You should repeat this sequence 3 times.

Station 2

Performing band flies, complete 5 reps and rest for 5 seconds. Continue this sequence for 2 continuous minutes before resting for 1 minute. Repeat this 2 minute sequence twice.

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