Strength Running Workout

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Aging Athletes

About the Strength Running Workout

This strength running workout uses running or locomotion movement patterns combined with various levels of band resistance to help build total body strength, power and muscle definition.

This can be an advanced workout by bringing in higher levels of speed and band resistance. However, beginners don’t worry. I have you covered as well by showing you how to decrease the speed to fit any fitness level.

Training Recommendations

Program Design

Alternate through each of the following 4 locomotion exercises doing a work interval of 60 seconds followed by a 60 second rest/transition interval. Complete all 4 exercises before repeating the same sequence for a total of 4 rounds. Total exercise time is 32 minutes.

Exercises – Muscles Targeting

  1. Power Shuffle Right: Targeting Left Thigh and Glutes
  2. Power Shuffle Left: Targeting Right Thigh and Glutes
  3. Backpedal: Targeting Thighs
  4. Crawling: Targeting Shoulders, Glutes and Abs

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