Upper Body 6 Pack Workout

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Upper Body 6 Pack Workout

About the Upper Body 6 Pack Workout

This Upper Body 6 Pack Workout is designed to challenge all the primary muscles of your upper body while training your abs to do what they were meant to do, which is stabilize and protect your low back.

After this workout you will forget sit ups and crunches forever.

Training Recommendations

Program Design

Alternate through each of the following 6 upper body exercises doing a work interval of 40 seconds followed by a 20-second rest/transition interval. Complete all 6 exercises before repeating the same sequence for 2 more rounds. Total exercise time is 18 minutes.


  1. Towel Chest Press Right
  2. Towel Chest Press Left
  3. Hose Pull Right
  4. Hose Pull Left
  5. Pillar Press Right
  6. Pillar Press Left

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Core Chaos Program - Upper Body 6 Pack Workout