Birthday Band Workout

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Birthday Band Workout

About the Birthday Band Workout

I would like to think there are not that many 54 year-olds that can knock out this Birthday Band Workout. I am pretty sure I would not be able to if I had continued to only train with weights.

Resistance bands have allowed me to look, feel and move at 54 like I am 34, and they can do the same for anyone that is willing to get better with bands. Enjoy my 54th birthday workout.

Training Recommendations

Program Design

Alternate between 2 exercises, performing each for 30 seconds on and 15 seconds rest/transition for 8 total sets (4 each exercise).

Rest 2 minutes between rounds and repeat using 2 different exercises.


Round 1 – Dynamic Stabilizer Lateral Walks – Mt Climbers
Round 2 – Dynamic Stabilizer 2 Step Shuffles – Power Skips
Round 3 – Bear Crawls – KB Swings
Round 4 – Elevated Single Leg Squats Right and Left

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