Advanced Total Fitness Package


Advanced Total Fitness Package – (2) Red, (2) Black .75″, (2) Purple, (2), Green, (1) Band Utility Strap, (1) Training Handles, Resistance Bands Unleashed Digital, 4 Week Starter Band Training Program, Training Sport Bag

(Best option for strong guys or gals that workout with heavy weights weekly)


Product Name:   Advanced Total Fitness Package

This package includes: 

  • 2 Red Bands
  • 2 Black Bands
  • 2 Purple Bands
  • 2 Green Bands
  • 1 Band Utility Strap
  • 1 Pair of Training Handles
  • 28 Day Jump Start Training Program
  • 28 Day Strength Builder Training Program
  • A FREE RBT Sport Bag

Who should purchase this Package:

If you are looking for a band training package at a ridiculously great price, that will provide you  over 220 lbs of strength building resistance, our most popular accessories and our best  strength training digital resources, The Advance Total Fitness Package is what you want.   The Advanced Total Fitness Package was created for those fitness enthusiasts that want to transform their body with resistance band anywhere, anytime at any intensity.

If locomotion training is also desired, we recommend adding in a Link Strap .  Also for those that want to develop better activation of the butt, a Green Dynamic Stabilizer would be a great addition to this package.


At Resistance Band Training, we want to provide you the ultimate in resistance band education. Your first band purchase gives you access to our Customer Portal, where you will find complimentary training and resources that help you GET BETTER WITH BANDS.

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