5 Reasons Bands are Great Workout Finishers

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Picnic Table Presses - Finisher workouts

What makes RBT Workout Finishers Great??

Workout finishers are those quick short workouts done at the end of a workout that takes the body to a new level of fitness and strength. It is a workout designed to burn more calories while burning out a specific muscle group or groups. Over the years I have found RBT to be a great finisher system and tool for several reasons.

Super Convenient

When it comes to creating effective workout finishers the last thing you need are complex exercises. All you want from a finisher is to burn out whatever energy there is left in a muscle. RBT makes it super convenient to knock out a band finisher workout with minimal thought or design. Plus, there is no waiting for equipment at a gym. In most cases all you need is one band to get it done.

Re-Creates Any Exercise

No matter what workout you may be doing on a particular day, RBT can simulate any exercise and therefore provide you with the finisher exercises that match up with whatever workout you did that day. Shoulder, legs, back, chest, arms…no worries, RBT has exercises to finish off any body region workout as well as any interval cardio workout.

Band Resistance is Accommodating to Anyone

The name FINISHER defines exactly what your muscles are going to feel like when completed. However, to truly finish off a muscle you are going to need to adjust the resistance as massive fatigue sets in.

A band’s Ascending Resistance allows you to drop resistance without having to worry about picking up a different dumbbell, dropping off plates or changing the pin. All you do is change the starting band tension and keep going. This quick resistance change option also eliminates having to take a break during the finisher, making muscle fatigue come on even faster.

Band Resistance is Variable

Movement speed with low resistance is what makes for a great finisher. Fortunately bands allow rep speed to change, unlike dumbbells or barbells where rep speed stays constant. By increasing rep speed you are able to impact all muscle fibers including those fast twitch fibers. As a result no muscle fiber is left unfinished after your RBT finisher.

Joint Friendly

Finishers are great but not if you beat up your joints and muscle incorporating them. Band resistance doesn’t over compress joints at the beginning of the concentric phase of the movement as compared to weights that create maximum joint compression at the start of the concentric phase. Less compression means less joint trauma. As a result, muscles can still work hard while joints stay feeling great.

Perfect Finisher Band Package

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Core Activation Package - 6 Summer Run-Strength Workouts

Great RBT Finisher Ideas

Picnic Table Contrast Finisher


Combine bands and weights to get the best of both types of resistance.

Speed and Quickness Finisher

RBT allows you to train speed and quickness which instantly goes after those fast twitch muscle fibers.

Total Body Metabolic Finisher

Adding bands to a simple total body exercise like burpees makes calories fly off your body.

Shoulder Isolation Finisher

Any bodybuilding muscle specific workout can be finished off with RBT.

Gut and Butt Finisher

RBT Core Finishers like this one should be a staple workout done 2 to 3 times per week.


Workout finishers are a very effective way to drive up calorie burn, impact muscle definition, work on fast twitch muscle reaction or strengthen weaker areas like the hips and core. Using RBT as your primary Finisher Tool, makes finishers even more effective. Make sure you share some of your RBT Finishers.