Getting the Right Muscles Doing the Right Job

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Assisted Lunge - muscle recruitment

Get the Right Muscles to Do the Job

Muscles are Dumb!!

They don’t think or show emotion.

They simply react to the stimulus they are confronted with and do what they have been trained to do.

Knowing this is how a muscle responds, it is pretty important to make sure the muscles are being trained to follow good movement patterns so they can in turn create optimal muscle recruitment or in other words get the right muscles doing the right job.

Optimal muscle recruitment is important in several ways:

  1. Reduces compensation – wrong muscles doing the wrong job
  2. Decreases the likelihood of joint and muscle injury
  3. Increases strength
  4. Leads to better muscle definition
  5. Improves muscle flexibility and joint mobility
  6. Improves balance and coordination

How RBT Can Assist with Getting Optimal Muscle Recruitment

RBT is not just a tool that helps apply resistance to muscles. It can also apply assistance to muscles by decreasing the impact of gravity. By assisting movements like squats, lunges, push ups, pull ups and inverted presses, it allows the right force generating muscles to work optimally.

Most people want to do these simple body weight movements but are unable to or substitute the wrong muscles while attempting to perform them. By applying resistance bands to the body correctly, all of these movements can be easily assisted so optimal muscle recruitment can occur.

How to Assist Simple Body Weight Movements

Pull ups


Assisted Push Ups

Assisted Step Ups and Single Leg Squats


As the body ages it becomes increasingly more important that we stay functionally strong by being able to perform simple body weight exercises. It is equally important to make sure we are telling the right muscles to do the right job when doing those movements. RBT assisted band training provides anyone with the options to perform simple body weight movements correctly and in turn reap the benefits of optimal muscle recruitment.

Best Assisted Band Training Package and Key Accessory

arrows - muscle recruitment

Large Single Band Package - muscle recruitment     Plus   Band Utility Strap - muscle recruitment