6 Steps to Designing Your Own Home Band Workouts

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Learning how to quickly design your own home band workouts gets you 1 step closer to taking total control of your fitness.

6 Steps to Designing Your Own Home Band Workouts

It’s not that difficult to design your own band workouts. The key is not the design as much as it is choosing the correct exercises to put into the workout. I will provide you with some assistance with exercise selection at the end of this article but let’s assume you have a vault of mastered band exercises to pick from. Following these 6 steps will make designing your own home band workouts, easy and repeatable.

1. Choose your band setup

single band training guide for band workouts

Choose a band set up and list out 5 to 10 exercises you can do with just that setup.

My suggestion is to go with an Attachment Free Single Band Setup initially which will provide you with a surplus of band exercises to pick from that will train your entire body.

Plus, it’s a super portable set-up so you can workout anywhere. If you need ideas on Attachment FREE Single Band Exercises checkout my Attachment FREE Single Band Training Guide.

2. Choose your exercises

Next step is to choose your exercises. Don’t go crazy initially trying to do a lot of complex exercises. My suggestion is to pick 2 or 3 exercises per round that you can easily transition through. The most popular Home BAND GYM single band exercises are a Push Press – Front Squat – High Pull – Plank. Together you perform a push – squat – pull and a core exercise. This is a great approach to begin with to ensure you get a total body workout.

Example of Attachment FREE Single Band Shoulder Exercises

You will find Attachment Free Exercises for every body region in the Attachment Free Single Band Training Guide

3. Determine how long each work interval set will be

Setting up your work interval is where you are going to have to determine how much you want to challenge yourself based on your training goals. Don’t underestimate yourself here. Be a little aggressive with this because you can always slow down or stop briefly during a timed (vs rep) based set.

I like 30 second work set intervals for the fact that it is long enough to make any band exercise challenging while still accommodating most fitness levels. The longer your work interval, the more you will impact metabolic conditioning (fat burning) and in turn create higher levels of muscle fatigue. This is fine but just make sure you focus on quality reps and not just getting a lot of reps done.

4. Determine your rest interval between sets

Regardless of what you set as your rest interval between sets, make sure you stick to it throughout the full round and don’t change it as you get fatigued. Staying consistent with your rest interval is the key to getting great results.

Unfortunately, most people make the mistake of changing this up as they fatigue which in turn lessens their workout results. You will discover that sticking to your planned rest interval throughout the entire workout will ultimately be what creates the chemical and physical changes you need to get great muscle sculpting results from your workouts.

5. Determine the # of work sets per round and how many rounds you will perform

attachment free band workouts

How many work sets and rounds you perform will be dictate by how hard and how long you want to workout.

If you are short on time I suggest making your workouts a focused effort, by choosing less exercises and performing more work sets with less rounds. Doing this will allow you to get in a great workout in a short period of time.

For example, my Crunch20 Workouts are 20 minutes long and have you doing 3 to 4 total exercises. They are super efficient workouts you can knockout anywhere quickly.

6. Write down your workout

Every time you design a great workout, make sure you write it down and actually repeat it within 1 week of doing it for the first time. Over 6 weeks of designing your own band workouts, you will have at least 4 to 5 Go-To Home Band Workouts.


As a fitness pro I know first hand how challenging it is to design a workout and this can be even more challenging if left with having to do it using bands only. However, resistance bands are by far the most versatile training tool on the planet. All you have to do is start building your exercise library of band exercises you like and have mastered. As that grows, designing unique workouts every week becomes easier and easier following this 6 step template.

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