Attachment Free Single Band Training E-Guide (Digital)


Attachment Free Single Band Training E- Guide


Product Name Attachment FREE Single Band Training E-Guide (PDF Format)

Don’t worry about having to attach you band. If you have space and 1 resistance band you are ready to workout.

Discover……How to transform your body with a “single resistance band” while training…..

Where YOU Want to… Home, Travel, Outdoor, Indoor
When YOU want to… Morning, Noon, or Night
How YOU want to… You set the intensity
What YOU want… Strength, Cardio, Core, Power, Fat Burning Intervals

… And not having to worry about where you are going to attach the band. I also eliminated the concern for designing your own resistance band workouts by providing you 26 workouts that come with video and picture descriptions along with 4 different training interval formats. That is over 100 workouts that will challenge the beginner to the most experienced resistance band user, guaranteed.

Who should purchase this training resource?

Any Fitness Enthusiasts, Coaches, Athletes, Fitness Professionals, Physical Therapist or Athletic Trainer looking to create simple single band workouts that can be done anytime, anywhere, at any intensity by anyone. All YOU do is choose the workout you want.

Great Single Band Workout



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