Pump and Stretch Workout

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About the Pump and Stretch Workout

It’s a fact…people don’t like to stretch. The Pump and Stretch Workout is designed to help those that don’t like to stretch or struggle with devoting time to stretch, giving them an opportunity to make stretching part of their actual workout.

The Pump and Stretch Workout designed below will take you through 4 rounds. Each round will consist of a 12 set – 2 exercise circuit using exercises designed to open up your anterior hips while activating your lower abs on every rep. After completing a round you will then perform 2 minutes of specific band stretching.

Training Recommendations

Program Design

Work Set Time: 20 Sec
Rest Between Sets: 10 Sec
# of Total Sets Per Round: 12 (6 each exercise)
# Exercises Alternated Through Per Round: 2
# Recommended Rounds: 4
Perform 2 minutes of recovery band stretching between rounds


Round 1 – Attached Pull a Part and Halo
Recovery Stretch – Band Hamstring Stretch

Round 2 – Attached Split Squat Right and Left
Recovery Stretch – Band Hip Rotation Stretch

Round 3 – Attached Chest Press Right and left
Recovery Stretch – Band Hip Flexor / Quad

Round 4 – Attached Bicep Curl – Tricep Press
Recovery Shoulder Band Distraction

Products Used in this Workout

Economy Fitness Package

Pump and Stretch Workout