Fat Burning for GREAT Abs is the Key

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4 Band Training Techniques to Get Abs Popping

Below are 4 fat burning, band training ab techniques that will put you on the path to getting GREAT abs.

1. Train multiple muscles at once – don’t isolate your abs

Most people feel they need to do isolated ab work to develop this area. As a result, they spend countless hours doing many time-consuming exercises that are counter-productive.

The problem with direct core exercises is they do not allow your body to burn enough energy. In many cases, they tighten up hips and the mid-back, making you less functional—or as I like to call it, less athletic.

When you workout, your body uses up stored energy. And one source of stored energy is fat which we store in our abdominal area. So in order to get your abs beach ready, you need to implement fat burning exercise options which are total body movements.

By focusing on exercises that hit multiple muscles and look athletic, you allow your body to burn more energy which means more fat which means abs start to pop.

This is exactly what you want!!

Obviously band training allows you to train athletic-based movements that are multi-muscle, multi-plane and fat burning effective.

2. Increase your intensity

Your fat burning thrives on intensity. Multiple studies have proven that high intensity exercises are a must when it comes to burning fat. Knowing where we store fat, it is easy to see why HIT is literally a HIT when it comes to getting the abs to pop.

The more you can push your anaerobic limits—which means high heart rates and high breathing rates—the better fat burning you will see.

Anaerobic exercise is like a sprint or short burst runs which you know you can do with RBT in multiple ways.

3. Challenge your metabolism

You can challenge your metabolism in a variety of ways. The key is getting a ton of work done in a short period of time so you can get the afterburn effect from your workouts. Getting your metabolism rocking using high intensity interval training that requires moving against a force is the key.

Muscles are dumb…they don’t know the difference between bands, dumbbells or kettlebells. So why not use the tool that allows you to do everything—which resistance bands do.

4. Directly work your core

Adding in direct core focused exercises is your final approach to getting abs popping. For most people this is the first thing they do but, in reality, this should be the final way to train your abs since it gets the least results.

These are exercises and movements that allow your ab muscles to build strength and get that “sculpted” look.  However, these should not be exercises that only cause muscle contraction but also cause muscle reaction.

If you want the abs to really work and be well recruited, make them stabilize isometrically or load reactively by applying a horizontal force to them while moving.

Anti-Rotation, Anti-Lateral Flexion, Anti-Extension are terms that reflect this isometric or reactive training approach. A band’s ability to create horizontal vectors makes them the perfect way to train this ab isometric or reactive training approach.

Now this of course should be your last focus because the other parts that we covered before are much more powerful and provide a higher return on your training investment.

How to Use the 4 Techniques in a Single Workout

So how can you take those 4 fat burning ab techniques and place them into a single workout to rock your abs? This is where RBT is unmatched.

  • Bands allow you to train on your feet and in multiple planes thus allowing almost any exercise to be a total body exercise—athletic and ab sculpting.
  • First step speed training or high tempo strength training using a band’s ascending resistance will cover the intensity part.
  • Obviously with a tweaking of the recovery time, any time-based band circuit will drive metabolic output.
  • Last, a band’s horizontal vector training capability creates the perfect stimulus needed to make multiple exercises anti-rotation, anti-extension and anti-lateral flexion.

Here is a band workout I created several years ago that demonstrates all 4 of these Fat Burning and Ab Sculpting keys to success.