Moms Start Here

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After training 1000’s of moms over the years, I think I have figured out where you are going to have the most success with Resistance Band Training (RBT). Moms do best with attached band training and implementing 13” Dynamic Stabilizer Training.

Low Back Training Strategies

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The low back is positioned between the hips and mid-back. Understanding this anatomical position and how it relates to developing effective low back training strategies and programs is the key to keeping the most frequently injured region of the body feeling and moving great. Learn 5 Low Back Training Strategies using bands.

Band Ankle Mobilization

Band Ankle Mobilization – Why and How To Do It

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Spending about 2 minutes on each ankle prior to doing your hip and shoulder band stretching seems to be all that is needed to help maintain good ankle joint mobility. By building this into your band hip and shoulder stretching routine it makes it very easy to complete on a consistent basis.

Arm Assault Band Training

15 Arm Assault Band Training Combinations

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The best way to help develop muscle definition is by training the muscles in multiple ways. By this I mean changing resistance, speed and most importantly the exercise. Learn how to train all of these 15 Bicep-Tricep strength training combinations anywhere, anytime and at any intensity.

Core band

19 Olympic Leg – Core Band Exercises

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Winter Olympic athletes require tremendous lower body and core strength. Most winter Olympic athletes do not have access to training facilities. Fortunately, RBT can provide the needed resistance and adaptability to handle any movement or force vector needed.