3-D Back Training

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3-D Back Training

What is 3-D Back Training?

3-D Back Training is the most effective way to carve out a well developed mid back

The back is made of several muscles that have fibers traveling in multiple directions. That means you have to train with multiple exercises using multiple angles and obviously multiple levels of resistance to get optimal back building results. 

I refer to this as 3-D Back Training. It is super easy to do using RBT due to its versatility and non-gravity dependent nature.

With RBT you will be able to train with both vertical force vectors, which is what free weights can do, as well as using horizontal vectors which can only be done with bands. Together this will allow you to train in all 3 planes of motion. This is where the concept of 3-D Back Training originated from.

Sagittal Plane Back Training

To effectively train the back in the sagittal plane it will require changing up the height of the band attachment point. By doing this it will allow you to attack all levels of the mid back in the sagittal plane.

Rotational Plane Back Training

Bringing in rotation is going to be accomplished using single arm pulling movements. By performing single arm movements it frees up the hips and thoracic spine to rotate easily while not forcing the low back to create the rotation. 

Seat Row - 3-D Back Training

I also highly recommend doing most of your single arm pulling while standing to not expose your low back to excessive rotational forces. There are several ways using both attached and single band attachment free setups that allow you to train unilaterally.

Frontal Plane Back Training

Training the back in the frontal plane is probably the most challenging. But again, with RBT it is very easily achieved. Here are my top 3 frontal plane 3-D Back Training exercises.

Frontal Plane Back Exercises

Face Pulls - 3-D Back Training

Watch Complete Back Attack Video

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