Pre-Leg Hip Hinge Workout

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Reverse Lunge - Pre-Leg Hip Hinge Workout

Without Squat, You Got Squat

Life is always going to demand that we can squat because life is always going to ask us to…

  • Go from sitting to standing
  • Get up from the floor
  • Go up and down stairs or inclines
  • Lunge to pick things up
  • Be able to lift heavy objects off the ground

The #1 limiting factor to keeping the body functionally squatting well is making sure you can hip hinge. Hip hinging correctly and automatically is the key to keeping our low back, knees and hips healthy with any variation of squatting.

This Pre-Leg Hip Hinge Workout does exactly that.

It uses a Quantum Band to teach you how to automatically hip hinge while going through hip dominate lifts.

In this Workout You Are Going to:

  1. Swing a weight while hinging
  2. Reach forward with a weight while hinging
  3. Bend over with a weight while hinging
  4. Side lunge and lift a weight from the floor with a good hip hinge
  5. Jump side to side while keeping your hips hinged

As you can see you’re going to complete almost every movement you do during the day that requires you to hinge.

Use this Workout as a:

  1. Pre-squat primer workout
  2. Stand alone metabolic fat burning hip dominate workout

Sample interval could be 45 seconds on 15 seconds x 3 times through all 5 exercises.