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3 Low Budget Band Training Options under $100

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Dollar - Low Budget Band Training

RBT can fit into any exercise budget which makes it not only the most versatile but also the most cost-effective training system

Even though in general RBT is a very cost-effective way to workout, it still requires having to purchase, at the very least a band or two. It also can be a little confusing when it comes to determining which bands you should purchase so you don’t buy a band that ends up collecting dust.

To help out I decided to share 3 low budget band training options. They have been our most popular for those who are budget conscious, band exercise enthusiasts.

3 Low Budget Band Training Options

1. Core Activation Package

Purchase a Core Activation Package and both single band workouts as well as hip stabilization cardio workouts using the 13″ Dynamic Stabilizer band. It’s a great low cost starter band package.

Cost – $40

Core Activation Package

Core activation package is one of three low budget band training options

10 Butt-Gut Dynamic Stabilizer Exercises

Want a Done-For-You Single Band Training Resource?

Attachment FREE Single Band Training Guide - low budget band training options

The Attachment FREE Single Band Training Guide provides you with over 100-1 Band Workouts you can do Anywhere.

Get yours today!

2. Small Single Band Package

Purchase a Small Single Band Package and begin doing aggressive single band training workouts Anywhere.

It is difficult to train everything using 1 band because different exercises require different levels of resistance to optimally challenge the muscles. My suggestion is to consider getting a Small Single Band Training Package with different levels of band resistance to make sure you can optimize every exercise.

Cost – $52

Small Single Band Package

16 Band Exercises to Master First

Want a Done-For-You Follow Along Workout Series??

RBT Series

The RBT20 Follow-Along Single Band Workout Series is exactly what you are looking for. 20 Minute Single Band Anywhere – Anytime workouts you follow along with Dave on. No Planning No Programming – Just grab your bands and workout.

Get started today!


3. Small Single Band Package, Green 13″ Dynamic Stabilizer and an Accessory Kit

Purchase a Small Single Band Package, Green 13″ Dynamic Stabilizer and an Accessory Kit. Together this package will provide you with the ability to do all bilaterally attached training, attachment free training and dynamic stabilizer training with over 200 lbs of strength training resistance.

Cost – $99

Best Valued Training Package

Single band package accessories Dynamic Stabilizer

Best Starting Multi- Band Setup Training Resource

Jump Start Program

The New 28 Day Jump-START Program will provide you with both instructional and follow-along workouts utilizing attached band training. To optimize this workout program, choose at least 2 pairs of bands with the Accessory Kit.

Get started today!



Meet Dave

Dave Schmitz, PT, CSCS, PES has been writing, teaching and training how to implement resistance band training for rehabilitation, general conditioning, and performance since 1996. He is the founder & co-owner of Resistance Band Training— the leading band provider worldwide.

Along with being a co-author of the Amazon best seller, Total Body Breakthroughs, Dave is also the author and producer of numerous fitness & nutrition articles, E-books, DVDs. His passion is focused on trainers, clients, and athletes improve their body’s ability to handle momentum, gravity and ground reaction forces using elastic resistance. Dave also consults online with several high schools, universities, private performance training business and is also on the board of experts for the International Youth and Conditioning Association (IYCA).

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