Jump Start Program


The Jump-Start program is designed to help you learn, through both instructional and follow along videos, how to start acclimating your body to training with bands using both attachment free and attached band setups.


New To RBT or Looking for a Starter Level Band Training Workout Program??


The 28 Day Jump Start Program will do exactly that by providing you with both follow-along and instructional workout video options to optimize your First Time Band Training Experience.  


Upon completion of this 4 week introductory program you will:

  • Be able to perform 8 Attachment Free Anywhere exercises
  • Be able to perform 8 Attached Vector Exercises
  • Be able to perform 4 Dynamic Stabilizer Exercises
  • Be able to complete an RBT time-based metabolic fat burning workout
  • Be able to implement these band setups – Rack, Behind back, Under feet, Over the foot, Hip attached, Dynamic Stabilizer setup, and attach training handles.
  • Prepare your body for more advanced RBT exercises and workouts
  • Understand how to progress or regress workout intensity

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 View the Jump Start Introductory Video




Get your body resistance band strong by allowing 

Dave “The Band Man”  Schmitz  

 to teach you the basics of how to “Get Better with Bands” 




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