Building Better Muscle Definition with Bands

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There are several schools of thought when it comes to building better muscle definition. However, there are 3 facts that are consistently agreed upon regardless of which theory you follow.

Why RBT is the Best Option for Building Better Muscle Definition

We know that to build better muscle definition you need to increase reps or work volume, change up resistance to stimulate muscle adaptation, and change up movement patterns to hit all 3 muscle fiber directions. Knowing this it’s easy to understand why RBT is the best option for carving out muscle definition.

1. Adjustable Resistance

Band resistance is an ascending resistance that can be easily changed on the fly to allow for more reps to be performed within a given set. As a result, it allows you to adjust resistance to in turn perform more reps to maximize muscle fatigue, recruitment and blood flow. All of which are needed when building better muscle definition through increased work load.

2. Unlimited Resistance

To build better muscle definition you have to get muscles to adapt, which best occurs by changing up resistance. Changing up resistance with free weights requires having several pairs of dumbbells, a bunch of weight plates laying around or having to purchase 10 different kettle bells.

Fortunately with bands, it requires purchasing 4 or 5 bands that have a carrying weight of less than 5 POUNDS but will create up to 300 POUNDS of resistance. As a result, having the optimal resistance for building better muscle definition is something that can happen anywhere with resistance bands. In other words… NO GYM REQUIRED!!

3. Unlimited Exercise Options

When it comes to building better muscle definition, you must attach a muscle group using a 3-D Training Approach. This will require using multiple exercises while exercising against multiple lines of force, to ensure you hit muscles in all 3 planes.

Regardless of what free weight (gravity dependent) tool you choose you will be restricted to 1 plane of movement (vertical) and will be limited to a handful of exercises. This is not the case with resistance bands. You have both attached and attachment free options.

The Muscle Maximizer Program is a great place to start if you want use RBT to Build Better Muscle Definition

Building better muscle definition with 28 Day Muscle Maximizer

How to Attack All 5 Key Areas of the Body

To help you start building better muscle definition, here is how to attack all 5 key body regions following a 3-D Training Approach. Just make sure you have the needed band resistance to optimally load the muscle to create maximal work output.

1. Back Training

2. Chest Training

3. Shoulder Training

4. Arm Training

5. Leg Training


Building better muscle definition takes work, commitment and training consistency. RBT will provide you with unlimited exercise options and unlimited resistance that allows you to workout consistently, Anywhere, Anytime at Any Intensity. All you need are the right bands.

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Building better muscle definition chart options

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